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Video: Tammy Sytch alleges WWE rehab mistreatment in new shoot interview

In a new shoot interview for 'Kayfabe Commentaries', Tammy Sytch claims WWE lost interest in giving her the best rehabilitation treatment money could buy once Linda McMahon lost her U.S. Senate election. After all, she's not a star of Scott Hall's stature!

The last time we updated you on the turbulent life of Tammy Sytch, the former WWE Diva known as Sunny, she was being remanded on $100,000 bail and set to undergo psychiatric testing after appearing in court to face charges for the sixth time regarding accusations of domestic abuse and repeatedly violating her on-off boyfriend's protective order.

In between coming out of rehab, paid for by WWE as a part of their former talent rehabilitation assistance program, and landing back in jail, Sytch somehow managed to find the time to squeeze in a conversation with Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries, taped as part of his Breaking Kayfabe shoot interview DVD series, of course. The explosive trailer can be seen above.

In what is probably a massive understatement, Sytch discusses how WWE were "quite upset" at the timing of her first five arrests in Connecticut, as they happened to coincide during the home stretch of Linda McMahon's second failed U.S. Senate election campaign. As we reported here at the time, WWE helped get her out of jail on Oct. 18th by paying for her to stay at a treatment facility that Sytch claimed cost them $1,000 per day.

Well, that was only until the lovely Linda lost the election. As soon as the dust had settled in the polling stations, Sytch got turfed out of the classy joint and put in the cheapest possible alternative that slashed WWE's bills by almost 90%. I guess Vince McMahon had to start saving his pennies after ending up with no return on a huge $100 million investment in his wife's political career.

Sytch then recounted horror stories of being made to wash dishes non-stop for 17 hours a day for a whole week and having a glass thrown at her face by another patient. When she complained to someone at WWE about the appalling conditions, hoping to be put into a better establishment, and specifically brought up how they had spent well over six figures on Scott Hall to go to rehab 12 times, apparently she was told over the phone "Well, you're not Scott Hall."

It's a believable story when Vince McMahon privately told Congressional investigators on Dec. 14th, 2007 that the only reason his company had sent a letter to its former talent with an open offer to provide rehabilitation assistance should they need it was:

"Two words: public relations. That's it. I do not feel any sense of responsibility for anyone of whatever their age is who has passed along and has bad habits and overdoses for drugs. Sorry, I don't feel any responsibility for that. Nonetheless, that's why we're [sending the letter]. It is a magnanimous gesture."

Linda too showed her compassion at the end of her election campaign by being late paying her New Haven canvassers and leaving some of them with bounced checks and condoms in their pay packets.

But just because the McMahon family's nature makes it plausible, doesn't necessarily mean that it is true. Like all addicts, Sytch has a history of lying to cover for her mistakes caused by substance abuse.

Indeed, her WWE firing in July 1998 came shortly after she blamed a miscarriage for missing her weekend bookings, but couldn't produce medical documentation to back up her excuse. Even in the trailer itself, Sytch owns up to making up stories off the top of her head to other shoot interviewers to make things sound interesting.

Buyer beware, if you're expecting honesty out of this release, Cagesiders.

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