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Watch this little girl make you feel bad about wanting John Cena to turn heel (Video)

This video of a little girl freaking out over meeting John Cena is so precious. It will also make you feel incredibly bad for wanting him to turn heel.

Although John Cena's television character has largely grown stale, almost to the point of becoming a parody of itself, he still manages to do quite well for himself in nearly every aspect of his professional life. The above video illustrates a damn good reason why.

The kids absolutely adore him.

Older fans like myself will continue to dream of a creative scenario that sees WWE tell some compelling story that involves Cena finally turning his back on his fans and, for the first time in over a decade, become a bad guy.

But watching this video makes me feel bad about it.

That little girl is so far beyond excited to meet Cena that this legitimately a life altering event for her. She probably went to school and felt like a rock star. Every time she thinks of this day, she'll smile and feel good about life, if only for that moment.

And here I am hoping Cena turns his back on this.

It's all for a good story, of course, and a freshening up of his stagnant character, but this little fan's enthusiasm has shaken that want quite a bit. Instead, fans like myself should focus on the fact that he still puts on good-to-great matches when called upon and his very presence makes a lot of other things possible, like the recent push for Big E. Langston.

Maybe that way everyone can be happier.

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