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Video: Kane is evolving

Kane sits down with Michael Cole for an interview with and reveals that he still has the monster inside him, he's just evolving.

Because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are still enjoying their kayfabe vacation, Michael Cole's sit down interview on this week was with the new Director of Operations Kane. It starts out brilliantly, with Kane refusing to answer any questions but doing so rather politely.

But it's really just a lead-in to the talking point WWE wanted to stress here: The monster is still inside but instead of letting it run wild like it has for the past 20 years or so, Kane has gotten it under control.

He's evolving.

Not enough to quit wearing the goofy contact in his right eye, but enough to ditch the mask, wig, and singlet in favor of his new corporate attire. He does say "in the appropriate situation, the monster will be utilized", which seems to indicate he'll wrestle again when the time is right.

No word on what he would wear for that.

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