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The Art of Cool with Dolph Ziggler

The former World Heavyweight Champion does a great job turning a segment straight out of 'Anchorman' into comedy gold. Why doesn't he do it, or get a chance to do it, on 'Raw'?

The Show-Off takes one for the team in this promotional appearance for last night's Smackdown taping in Kansas City, MO.

Paired up on a local morning show with host Mark Alford, Dolph works his way through a mangled Star Wars reference, Right Said Fred on the green screen and turns Alford's attempt at making it rain with three one dollar bills into a segue for ticket sales to the show.

If Ziggler can make a local anchorperson from Kansas City look good, he can sell anything. I'm not the biggest mark for DZ, but this is great. It also adds to the conundrum of why he so often looks uncomfortable with a microphone on a pro wrestling show. He can do this, and stand-up comedy, but flubs lines and has issues connecting with arenas full of people?

Whether WWE forces him to work from a script or not, it's still weird.

Enjoy the video (courtesy of Fox 4 Kansas City) and chime in on Ziggler on WWE television versus Ziggler everywhere else.

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