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Video: Santino Marella gets 'New Year's revolutions' for 2013

Santino Marella battles the English language in the latest episode of "Santino's Foreign Exchange," as he tries to get New Year's "revolutions" from WWE superstars.

Santino's Foreign Exchange is a generally entertaining show featuring our funny guy himself, Santino Marella, hosting and getting himself into all manner of shenanigans involving the WWE roster, usually the lower end jobber types. That said, there are two things you need to see in this video:

  1. Santino Marella's battle with the English language will always be fun.
    His battle with the English language leading to the exchange he has with David Otunga at the 1:22 mark is awesome.

All those babyfaces were too nice letting Santino say "revolution" instead of "resolution" and not saying anything. Leave it to Otunga not to pass up the opportunity for greatness.

Now if only he could do that more often on television, right?

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