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Super Bowl 2013 predictions from WWE Superstars (Video)

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Who is going to win the Super Bowl this year when the Baltimore Ravens meet the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans? Let's see what a few WWE superstars think, shall we?

The latest episode of WWE "Inbox" features superstars offering their predictions for Super Bowl XLVII this Sun., Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans, Louisiana, as the Baltimore Ravens represent the AFC against the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers.

Picking Ravens: Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Primo
Picking 49ers: Epico, Brodus Clay
Not Picking For a Dumb Reason: Curt Hawkins

Not that it matters, but I favor the 49ers via being better at absolutely every aspect of football but the Ravens have been steady winning games they probably shouldn't have and I wouldn't be shocked to see Baltimore on top of the sports world once again.

Let's hear your predictions.