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The Dazzler Daniel Bryan thrills the JBL and Cole Show (Video)

Watch THE DAZZLER, Daniel Bryan, thrill on the JBL and Cole Show as part of their SuperSTAR Search. As if you weren't a big enough fan of Bryan's already.

The JBL & Cole Show, which is far more entertaining than it has any business being, is currently in the midst of a a SuperSTAR Search where wrestlers perform and fans vote on who should advance to the next round.

In the latest episode, shown above, Hornswoggle takes on THE DAZZLER, Daniel Bryan. And it's glorious.

Hornswoggle's talent is to crush a can on his forehead by throwing his foot at it while standing up. I'm not sure how that's a talent or a skill or whatever else but it pales in comparison to a caped Bryan coming through the curtain and magically making a screw dance inside a jar without his touching it.

Just ignore William Regal back there.

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