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Dolph Ziggler destroys John Cena in latest episode of WWE Download

In what could prove to be the final episode of WWE Download, Dolph Ziggler destroys John Cena. Just watch to see what I mean.

Remember when Dolph Ziggler first started as host of this show? He was a little bit stiff, a little bit awkward, and constantly seemed far too twitchy to be hosting a show?

Well look at him now.

Ziggler has transformed into a much calmer, far more confident and comfortable version of himself. It's just too bad the show is being cancelled, as he mentioned on his Twitter recently:

So this is the second to last show and he goes hard at John Cena on it. This isn't out of the norm, as he frequently used this show to help get over feuds he was in at whatever time the show aired but it's easier to delight in this one in particular.

You can see why.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Cagesiders!

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