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Zack Ryder has the worst 'Best of 2012' video

Zack Ryder's "Best of 2012" video is really a "Worst of 2012" video. It's awesome too, and opens the door to some serious character development. Check it out.

Zack Ryder is a dork. A geek. A nerd. He's the exact opposite of cool. That's kind of his thing.

Except for all of 2011, he didn't realize he's a dorky geeky nerd. He thought he was the belle of the ball, the toast of the town, god's gift to professional wrestling.

Woo, woo, woo; you know it.

But he's had a breakthrough of sorts. When compiling his "Best of 2012" video, which is really a "Worst of 2012" video, Ryder realized he's not what he thought he was. This is good because it opens the door to actual character development, though he's still claiming the "Ryder Revolution" will finally take hold in 2013.

Maybe it will, but if it does he's going to have to grow and become something more than what he is now.

Here's to hoping.

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