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Old School: Goldberg 'Who's Next' home video from WCW

WWE has released the old school "Who's Next?" home video from the WCW vault featuring a look at Bill Goldberg's streak and his winning the world heavyweight championship from Hulk Hogan in 1998. VHS STYLE!

I can remember watching this on VHS tapes when it was released in 1998 and being completely enamored with Goldberg and his winning streak. The video culminates with his world heavyweight championship victory over Hulk Hogan after he had run through the entire New World Order (nWo) to earn his shot at the strap, and it was glorious.

Goldberg really was all World Championship Wrestling (WCW) had going for it back then.

It's just too bad it all went south months later at Starrcade when Kevin Nash ended his streak and the "Fingerpoke of Doom" happened just one week later.

Either way, this was an awesome video then and re-watching it now shows how little personality Goldberg actually had. He had charisma, sure, but you can quickly tell why he was never allowed to speak. He talks like Hollywood thinks serial killers are supposed to talk: slow, methodical, and monotone. A younger me thought it was cool. Now? Not so much.

Still, the video is good for nostalgia if nothing else.


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