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Video: Brad Maddox and Ryback in OVW

In advance of their match next week on the Survivor Series go home edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE has released footage of Brad Maddox and Ryback crossing paths in OVW.

How much is there to see here? Not much. Nothing more than what our team of wrestling blowhards revealed to you not long ago. It's simply footage of Ryback and Brad Maddox crossing paths years ago in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the former WWE developmental territory.

What's important here is that WWE continues getting it right by properly utilizing its extensive library and website to help advance storylines in meaningful and interesting ways without getting in the way of television. Like a good series of books that you don't have to read in chronological order to enjoy.

Ryback was always a beast, it seems, and always a tad reckless, but he's got a certain charisma about him, it's hard to deny that much.

Next week, Ryback and Maddox will have a match on Monday Night Raw to determine whether or not the latter gets a contract with the company. As per Vince McMahon's stipulation, if Maddox wins, he receives a $1 million contract.

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