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Video: Referees comment on Brad Maddox, WWE continues moving in right direction

Although it appeared at first that WWE had no discernible direction in its storyline with Brad Maddox screwing over Ryback and helping CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, this latest video shows they're moving in the right direction.

Oh, this is brilliant.

While referee angles have generally erred on the side of "miss" as opposed to "hit," and this one appears to have had little planning, at least initially, WWE is showing promise with the latest developments in the Brad Maddox storyline.

Earlier today it was revealed that he was suspended for his actions at Hell in a Cell when he assisted CM Punk in retaining his WWE championship against Ryback. Later, put up a full blown history of Maddox -- hey, who else did that only sooner? -- while also putting out the above video featuring fellow referees talking about Maddox and how he came to get his job as well as what his motives may be.

It just keeps getting better.

Here are the quotes from the refs, starting with Charles Robinson:

"To be honest, I really don't know who Brad Maddox is. He was with FCW before coming up. We went to three hour Raw, we needed more referees and one day he was in our dressing room. He just wouldn't listen, but you know with the referees we're a very, very tight group. What we try to do is teach one another, learn off one another."

Now Mike Chioda:

"He's definitely an outsider. As an official with the WWE for a long... many, many years here in the business and other referees, he never came to us for advice, which we thought was pretty strange."

And finally, Rod Zapata:

"I always kind of had like a weird vibe about him. I was taught that when you go into a new working environment that it's up to you to be as respectful as possible, to be friendly, to be polite. I felt that he thought that he deserved to be something more. I don't know what kind of agenda this guy had. Apparently it wasn't to be a referee. I wish I could give you more answers but I'm just as confused as anybody else."

Thoughts with all the latest story advancement and where this might be headed?

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