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WWE Raw General Manager AJ Lee is obsessed with Stephanie McMahon

Check out WWE Raw General Manager AJ Lee talking about how happy she is to be in her current role with WWE and her obsession with Stephanie McMahon.

WWE Monday Night Raw General Manager AJ Lee is an adorably quirky nerd who is obviously living the dream and having the time of her life right now. If that wasn't obvious before, her interview above with Arda Ocal makes it perfectly clear.

She laughs and giggles all throughout while talking about how amazing it is that WWE took her off the streets and she's grown into her role as a performer. She went from being the victim of Daniel Bryan's abuse as her shy and love deprived girlfriend to a crazy chick chasing CM Punk to a women in power who isn't afraid to assert her authority.

Along the way, she's apparently fallen in love with Stephanie McMahon. Beyond that, she admits to being obsessed with her. Watch out, Triple H!

Do other chicks dig crazy chicks?

Anyway, enjoy!

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