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WWE '13 video game: Universe Mode new features and details

WWE '13 has plenty of new features, including an old fan favorite -- "Universe Mode."

Although I'm not much of a hardcore gamer, the WWE '13 "Universe Mode" reminds me of the Madden franchise's "Owner mode," which essentially allows you to do take over a football team. You don't just play the games, you take care of the business aspect too.

In "Universe Mode" in WWE '13, you can do any of the following:

- Create a show complete with your own arena set up and schedule
- Create a pay-per-view
- Statistics both historical and current
- Storylines, with over 200 different angles featured
- More content and freedom, including "more matches per show and the freedom to edit whole match cards, customizable championship rankings, and the ability to restart your Universe from the beginning."

That's just a taste. Read more over at

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