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Who the Hell in a Cell is WWE referee Brad Maddox?

A look inside the career of Brad Maddox, the WWE referee who interfered in last night's (Oct. 28) main event during the Hell in a Cell 2012 pay-per-view from Atlanta, Georgia.

Last night (Oct. 28, 2012), from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, the main event of WWE's Hell in a Cell 2012 pay-per-view event featured an entirely unexpected participant.

Right before Ryback was about to deliver his finisher Shell Shock onto CM Punk, the referee officiating the match quickly stepped in front of the monster, stopped him in his tracks, only to kneel down to deliver a devastating low blow.

This anonymous referee seemed to have been working in concert with Punk and Paul Heyman the entire time. Exactly who the Hell in a Cell is this (Paul Heyman) guy, though?

That man was Brent Wellington, known as Brad Maddox in WWE, and he actually has some history within pro wrestling and WWE. He wrestled under the handle "Beef Wellington." No, seriously. It's true.

Beef Wellington started out in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), and by most accounts his performance during his stint there was impressive. You can see how he would be a work in progress, but the potential was certainly clearly there all along:

Wellington would be signed by WWE and moved to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), taking on the name Brad Maddox. Here's where we really get to see where he can shine...

He faced Briely Pierce one-on-one (with bonus William Regal Shenanigans!) in a short, fun match. After picking up the victory, though, we got a chance to witness a second, shorter, match which was even more fun. than the first one:

Maddox is interviewed by the lovely Ashley Valence and shows off his people skills and charismatic charm:

Where Maddox truly stands out, though, is on his YouTube channel. It is certainly something... well, shall we say, different?

Although he comes across as a bit of an idiot -- okay, more than a bit -- he is certainly entertaining.

What Maddox is best known for, though? Being the ref who counted John Cena's pin on Punk, even though the WWE Champion's foot was on the rope. The angle was designed as a rib on the NFL, which was going through a referee strike at the time. Punk would then spectacularly rip into Maddox that night, and the following week as well.

It seemed like Punk and Heyman were trying to get Maddox fired. Yet somehow he ended up working for the two. How we got from there to here is anyone's guess. Was this the deal they settled on outside the squared circle to set things straight without a resignation? When Paul Heyman is involved, anything goes. And that is never a bad thing.

What are your thoughts, Cagesiders? Does this Brad Maddox fellow look deserving of the spotlight he will surely be receiving? And how do you think they will tie him in with Punk and Heyman? Thoughts on how you would love for WWE Creative to explain this or where to go from here or thoughts on where you think WWE will actually run with it?

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