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Video: Stone Cold Steve Austin talks CM Punk match promoting WWE '13

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk going to happen someday? We have no way of knowing for sure but thanks to WWE '13, we're being teased with it left and right.

If your balls are getting blue, sorry, you'll find no reprieve here.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, and WWE are going to continue teasing us with the possibility of a match between the two, even though as of right now, the only reason any of them are doing so is to effectively promote the WWE '13 video game.

Still, it means we get more of "The Rattlesnake" cutting promos on poor bastards like the THQ interviewer in the video above, who is in way over his head once Austin gets rolling.

So let's enjoy this for now while nurturing the hope that there is hope that one day Austin will climb back inside the ring against CM Punk in a major match at WrestleMania.

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