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Mick Foley talks WWE' 13, working with CM Punk and Paul Heyman's role in his career

Watch an interview with Mick Foley talking about a variety of topics, including WWE '13, WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

Here's yet another interview from Arda Ocal with Mick Foley at the WWE '13 grand launch where Foley talks about what it was like to come back and work with CM Punk, something he said he really wanted to do, and the role Paul Heyman played in his career.

It's interesting to hear Foley say things like he doesn't have the same confidence he used to have when delivering promos, especially when he's opposite the best like Punk. He does acknowledge, though, that "The Straight Edge Superstar" will never be a Hulk Hogan type but his work ethic is "second to none" so there's no telling what the future holds for him.

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