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What’s going on with Naomi on SmackDown?

She may be getting something interesting to do, or is being brushed aside in a creative way. You decide.

Christian’s promo on Adam Cole was AEW’s victory lap for winning Wednesday Night War

The Impact champ was hyping a match against Adam Cole & his Super Kliq mates, but he also took a couple shots at NXT in the process. That, and all the highlights from the Sept. 15 edition of Dynamite, here.

AEW supporters ‘stick their finger in the eye’ of ‘egotistical’ WWE

Call him biased, but Dan Lambert much prefers AEW’s spread compared to WWE’s dish.

NXT 2.0 debut was all about introducing new talent

It was about a wedding too, yes, and crowning a new champion, but it’s all about the new blood now.

Watch AEW Dark Episode 108

Featuring Orange Cassidy, Jade, 2point0, and more!

Let’s just watch Big E win the WWE championship over and over again

"Raw" was fun this week just for its main event.

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 28

Featuring Kaz, Nyla Rose, Daniel Garcia, Jade, Anna Jay, and more!

Lilian Garcia was a special guest at SmackDown this week

If only for one night to sing a special song.

Full Documentary released for ‘Never Forget: WWE Returns After 9/11’

Watch it here.

AEW’s new video game looks very good

AEW Games officially reveals Jungle Boy’s character model and new footage for their new console video game.

Adam Cole’s first AEW feud might be with... Tony Schiavone?

One of AEW’s big new signees establishes his heel cred by bullying another announcer - this one for his friendship with his girl, Britt Baker. More on that, and all the highlights from the Sept. 8 All Out fallout edition of Dynamite, here.

We will be staying tuned to Ember Moon

She’s got a story going that has us wondering what she’s about to do next.

Watch AEW Dark Episode 107

Featuring a 3 Strikes Match in the main event, and more!

Raw moves forward

In many ways, that’s what this week’s show was about.

Cole & Danielson’s AEW themes are absolute bangers

YES, you should soak in Bryan’s ‘Born For Greatness’ and the newest Elite member’s "All About Tha (BOOM!)" right here, BAY BAYs.

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 27

Featuring Chaos Project vs. Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin, and more!

How BTE brought Adam Cole back from the dead

Not the most important part of his going from WWE to AEW, but fans of The Young Bucks’ smart-ass YouTube show want to know!

Did you catch which classic match Punk & Darby were paying tribute to?

If you were lost in the moment of CM Punk’s first match in over seven years, the wrestle web is here to help you connect the dots between AEW All Out 2021 and a 1994 episode of WWF Raw.

Watch All Out’s ‘Buy In’ right here!

Featuring a 10-man tag team match, plenty of hype for the big PPV, and more!

CM Punk sings the Golden Girls theme song on his AEW Dark debut

Thank you for being a friend.

Tony Khan asks hometown wrestler to be injury replacement for women’s Casino Battle Royale

Yet another cool moment on AEW TV.

CM Punk makes his AEW Dark debut

AEW is squeezing as much juice as it can out of CM Punk appearances, with another one promised for a special Saturday night episode of "Dark." See it here!

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens, please

It’s becoming clear WWE needs to book Logan Paul in an actual match.

Brock Lesnar sure does like F5-ing John Cena

They made a whole video of him doing it over the years!

We need more than a minute of Miro & Eddie Kingston TNT title promos

The case for more from those two, and the rest of the highlights from the Sept. 1 Dynamite, right here.

Sasha Banks slays the One Chip Challenge

The Boss powered through on Hot Ones, even though just watching someone else eat Paqui’s latest mouthburner made her butt hurt.

Johnny Gargano needs to get over himself, learn to love In-Dex

His mistrust of Dexter Lumis is costing him his ‘family’, and now it’s costing him wins. More on that, and all the highlights from the Aug. 31 WWE NXT.

Flair vs. Jax looked like it almost turned into a shoot on Raw

It started out well enough but quickly broke down into what sure looked like legitimate shots being thrown.

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 26

Featuring Chaos Project vs. Sammy Guevara & Fuego Del Sol, and more!

Featured Fanshot

John Goodman narrates NWA 73 open

As a big fan of Goodman's work, this is very cool. Hell, it's cool beyond that and for many other reasons. NWA 73 goes down tonight (Aug. 29, 2021) on PPV!

Mickie James is still a free agent

She may be promoting NWA’s Empowerrr show but Billy Corgan makes clear she’s still a free agent.

Happy Corbin is fantastic

He debuted this week on "SmackDown," and I’ll be damned if he isn’t just as good as Bum Ass Baron.


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