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Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 47

Featuring Ruby Soho, Brandi, AHFO, Team Taz, and more!

WWE names the 25 greatest Royal Rumble match moments

The list is pretty bad.

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You gotta have a montage

WWE is doing a fantastic job of building to the long awaited Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match at Royal Rumble by simply releasing videos like this. I'm now no less than 18-percent more excited for the match. You?

The stars were out at SmackDown in Nashville

Look at all these names!

Trouble may be brewing for these veteran-led AEW factions

AEW’s relied on stables in its booking for a while. Is tension in the Chris Jericho-led Inner Circle, and Andrade’s acquisition of Hardy Family Office a sign that’s changing? Let’s talk about that as we run through the highlights from Dynamite’s Jan. 19 episode.

Multiple returns on NXT 2.0 this week

Look who is back!

Watch AEW Dark Episode 126

Featuring Adam Cole, Gunn Club, Daniel Garcia, and more!

Stan the T-Rex, a SmackDown for Peyton & more from The Rock on Manningcast

Finally... Eli & Peyton went two-on-one with The Great One. Here are some of the best bits from Dwayne Johnson during ESPN’s NFL Wild Card Monday Night Football simulcast.

WWE video packages remain their most effective form of promotion

This is better than any angle or match leading to a PPV.

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 46

Featuring Ruby Soho, Jay Lethal, Private Party, Tay Conti, and more!

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WALTER vs. Roderick Strong?

Imperium vs. Diamond Mine is a-brewing, it seems.

Aliyah set a record on SmackDown

That’s what WWE is going with anyway.

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Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss declare for Royal Rumble match

That brings the list of confirmed entrants up to 12.

Not all Royal Rumble saves are equal

The things folks like Kofi Kingston, Naomi & Kacy Catanzaro do are a little more impressive than a lot of the skinning the cats spots included as ‘miraculous’ on WWE’s latest Supercut video.

PAC is blind... is he joining House of Black?

Malakai Black was joined by Brody King last night... was it just the start? Let’s talk about that as we run through the highlights from AEW Dynamite’s Jan. 12 episode.

Bron Breakker’s first promo as NXT champion

The new side plates are on the title and the future is here.

Watch AEW Dark Episode 125, the Super Show

It’s a long show with champions in action.

Alexa Bliss is in therapy

We finally got an update on Alexa Bliss on Raw this week.

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Sasha Banks in the open for the college football National Championship Game

She really is the standard, huh? Roll Tide or Go Dawgs?

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 45

Featuring Powerhouse Hobbs, Red Velvet, FTR, Andrade, and more!

Gabe Sapolsky shares memory of booking Bob Saget/Jon Moxley confrontation

That Dragon Gate USA moment, and several other times the beloved comedian checked in with the world of wrestling, resurfaced after Saget’s shocking death.

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The best of Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar

Now that they're back together, a trip down memory lane.

This Sammy Guevara kip up was way too smooth

See it to believe it.

Johnny Knoxville will indeed be in the Royal Rumble

It’s now finally confirmed.

The Rock is headed to Sesame Street to get involved in an Elmo feud

Dwayne Johnson is opening up a new branch of the SmackDown Hotel, as he’s interjected himself into a viral rivalry between a puppet and a rock. Now he plans to eat cookies and kick ass on the beloved children’s show.

This was the best use of records and rankings in AEW history

Let’s talk CM Punk’s strategy to wreck MJF’s title dreams as we run through the highlights from AEW Dynamite’s Jan. 5 TBS debut.

Rick Steiner appeared after NXT New Year’s Evil went off the air

He was there to celebrate his son’s big championship victory. See the video right here.

Watch AEW Dark Episode 124

Featuring Sammy Guevara, Anna Jay, Powerhouse Hobbs, and more!

Becky Lynch enjoys saying ‘Doudrop’ a lot

And maybe that provides a clue into the direction of the Raw Women’s championship picture.

Bliss may finally be done grieving her doll

We’ve been promised an update on her journey back to "Raw" next week.

Watch AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 44

Featuring Andrade, Dark Order, Riho, Jay Lethal, and more!

A good update from Sasha Banks after injury scare at WWE house show

It looked like The Boss may have seriously hurt her leg while taking a move from Charlotte Flair, especially after officials carried her to the back. But Sasha tells us not to worry.


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