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Total Divas

Hendry blames Dango’s heel turn on being rejected by Summer Rae and Eva Marie on Total Divas

Joe Hendry used his 252 pounds of pure motivation to figure out why Dango has changed.

Rumor Roundup: Mercedes Moné/AEW, Collision ticket sales, Jeff Jarrett heat, more!

The latest rumors, including negotiations between Tony Khan & the former Sasha Banks, seats not moving for AEW’s new show outside Chicago, an interesting trademark filing from Double-J, and more!

Nikki Bella says WWE was not happy about Total Divas’ success

The popularity the reality show brought the Bella Twins was ‘the first thing they couldn’t control.’

Bellas keep heat on Raw XXX’s lack of women while promoting reality show

Nikki and Brie aren’t backing down from a topic that’s captured some mainstream attention at an opportune time for their new E! project.

Nikki Bella predicts narratives blaming women after Raw XXX criticism

The Hall of Famer also says she and her sister wanted to appear on the anniversary show, but WWE had nothing for them.

Summer Rae talks Royal Rumble comeback, restarts Total Divas beef

She was trending on Twitter after her WWE return was announced, and now she & Natalya are firing up old reality show issues on social media.

Rumor Roundup: Daniel Bryan decision, Big E update, Jaxson Ryker, more!

The latest rumors, including if Total Bellas ending affects Daniel Bryan, where Big E has gone, if Jaxson Ryker is a babyface going forward, and more!

Nikki & Brie plan to end Total Bellas for their kids

The end of an era is upon us, as the Twins wisely choose family over the cameras.

Rumor Roundup: Daniel Bryan, Free Agent edition

All the latest chatter from around the wrestle web after the big news that Bryan’s WWE contract expired last Friday.

Not everyone is marking out about Eva Marie’s return

There’s no reason to get too worked up either way.

Nia Jax is grateful we’re all supporting her ‘Hole’

Her Raw exclamation has gone viral in a big way.

Bella Twins prove their wrestling cred by teasing a comeback

Nikki & Brie say they have ‘one more run’ in them, and want to become WWE Women’s Tag Team champions.

Featured Fanshot

The reality show Daniel Bryan is on comes back Nov. 12

Hall of Famers The Bellas are also on it, I think?

Eva Marie has unfinished business in WWE

The former Total Divas star will return to WWE when the McMahon family tells her it’s time.

Bella baby names? Bella baby names!

We look forward to cousins Matteo and Buddy headlining WrestleMania 65.

The Bella cousins came really close to sharing a birthday

Nikki announced she gave birth to her first child on Friday, a day before twin sister Brie had her boy.

Bellas thank fans for support after mother’s successful brain surgery

Birdie Danielson’s grandma, and John Laurinaitis’ wife, had a growth removed that was causing Bells Palsy-like symptoms.

Rumor Roundup: Matt Riddle, SmackDown hacker, Forgotten Sons, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE’s knowledge of Matt Riddle’s situation, what happened to the SmackDown hacker, and more!

I forgot the Bellas were WWE Hall of Famers until I saw PR for their new memoir

True story. Wonder when Nikki & Brie and the rest of the class of 2020 are getting inducted, and find out more about the twins’ book ‘Incomparable’ - right here.

Total Bellas Recap & Review: Lingerie & Tears

The best show on television is back and doesn’t disappoint!

Cryin’ Bryan, flirtin’ Nikki & preggers twins! Total Bellas is back!

The fifth season premieres the Thursday after WrestleMania. See what drama is ahead.

The Bella Twins are pregnant! Yes, both of them!

A budding wrestling dynasty is expanding in a big and exciting way.

It’s been a big week for wrestling engagements

Nikki Bella’s got a new ring, and Charlotte & Andrade weren’t the only legacy/luchador couple to say "si". Everyone must have been inspired by Lana & Lashley’s romantic Monday night...


Ariane ‘Cameron’ Andrews is returning to the ring WrestleMania weekend.

Ronda Rousey talks WWE return, says women don’t need her now

Alicia Fox now listed as alumni on

The former Divas champion hasn’t wrestled since April. Her last television appearance was on July’s Raw Reunion.

AEW was a draw on Tuesday night. Ronda Rousey was not.

Promising numbers for TNT’s ‘Countdown’ to their new wrestling show, while the season nine premiere of ‘Total Divas’ hit a new viewership low for the series.

Naomi explains where she’s been, says she’ll ‘be back when the time is right’

The performer whose real name is Trinity Fatu hasn’t wrestled since July. In posts on social media today, she talked a little about why that is.

Featured Fanshot

In case you were worried your Premiere Week Tuesday would be without a WWE show

E! and The 'E announced today that Total Divas' season nine premiere will air on Tues., Oct. 1 instead of its usual Wednesday night time slot. So at least for this week you can focus on Ronda, Sonya, Nattie & the gang without that dang AEW/NXT war distracting you. You can read a synopsis of the new season's plotlines here.

Ronda Rousey headlines new season of Total Divas

Rowdy may not be a DNB, but she is a Total Diva.

Paige’s latest neck surgery a success

Another one in the books for the retired former Divas champ.

More from Nikki Bella on her thankfully benign brain cyst

Good, but still ‘super scary’, news. Between this and Total Bellas season five renewal, we can close the book on comeback talk... right?

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