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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (May 4, 2017): Sydal vs. Edwards


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 4) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Matt Sydal will face Eddie Edwards. Plus, EC3 will be in action, and we should get the beginning of the end of Decay, and hopefully some answers to who Lashley’s next challenger is.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!



Matt Sydal vs. Eddie Edwards (with Alisha)

Josh Mathews and Pope on commentary.

Edwards has his own music now and is no longer using the Wolves music.

It’s very even early on during a feel out process. A frankensteiner puts Sydal in charge for a bit. He continued working on Eddie with a chancery. Eddie gets back into it with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Sydal takes some punishment but hits a spinning heel kick to Eddie to even up the score. He takes control for a bit, hitting a sweet jumping top rope frankensteiner but only gets a nearfall. Eddie later lands a kick to Matt, trying to springboard into the ring. And then follows up with a big suicide dive as Impact goes to break.

When they return from break, Eddie hits a chin checker for a nearfall on Sydal. But Sydal soon counters a double underhook powerbomb into a frankensteiner for a near fall. Even though Edwards counters another attempt of a frankensteiner, Sydal hits a big knee to the face and the shooting star press for the 1-2-3.

Sydal def. Edwards

They shake hands post match and raise each other’s hands.

As Eddie and Alisha are leaving, they are ambushed by Davey Richards and Angelina Love. Davey runs out with a chair to Eddie’s face and starts taking it to him. They drape Eddie’s leg over the guardrail and Davey whacks it with the chair. Finally, doctors and security come out to check on Edwards and hold off Richards.

But then Alisha runs from out of no where and flies at both of them!


Magnus is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. He once again claims he should main event Slammiversary because he’s GFW champion and he got the win for Team JB. But here’s Matt Morgan! Morgan claims that he did all the work in the match and Magnus just got the pin. Bruce Pritchard comes in says he needs to defend his title again Matt Morgan tonight.

They show KM working out when a janitor comes into clean up. KM seems angry so he crumples up a piece of paper and tosses it on the floor and makes the guy clean it up. And then again. When the janitor claims that wasn’t there before, KM gets upset, saying he’s calling him a liar. He then tells him, like he did last week, “To make like a tree and get the hell out of here.”

Sienna (with KM) vs. Christina Von Eerie (c) for the GFW Women’s championship

Sienna has control early around catching Von Eerie from a springboard and hitting a big side slam. CVE fights back briefly but a big kick shuts her down. The fight spills outside, and Sienna continues to inflict punishment, with some chops against the guardrail.

However, as Sienna tosses CVE back into the ring, she kicks Sienna into KM. But then as she sets up for something on the ring apron, Sienna back body drops her onto the ropes and apron. She rolls her in for a 2 count.

Von Eerie counters the AK 47 into a sleeper but is back into the corner. From there, she tries to go for her finisher. However, Sienna tosses the champ over her head and hits the Silencer for the 1-2-3.

Sienna def. Von Eerie to become GFW Women’s champion


Backstage, Eli Drake complains to Bruce Pritchard about not being one of his guys and not being given the opportunities like guys like Matt Morgan. So he can either let Drake in or he’ll kick it down. So he’ll just find Alberto.

But El Patron was behind him. Alberto says he’ll fight him and he’ll even put his title opportunity on the line. So tonight’s main event - Alberto vs. Eli Drake for AEP’s championship opportunity.

Impact runs another Make Impact Great video, this time with ODB.

JB is in the crowd behind Josh Mathews with a sign pointing at Mathews that says “Brutal AF”.

McKenzie interviews Karen Jarrett, who says next week Alisha Edwards will face Angelina Love next week. New champion Sienna rolls up and rubs in her title victory. Karen says that now the champ has a target on her back. But Sienna says she’ll knock down everyone lined up in front of her.


EC3 vs. Jon Bolend

EC3 just unloads on this poor dude. Bolend got zero offense in. He wins with the One percenter.

EC3 wins

EC3 cuts a post match promo, telling the new regime that they are responsible for what they’ve unleashed. And they can’t stop him, and neither can James Storm, from winning the title at Slammiversary.


Now Jeremy Borash has a POS sign with #FreeJB on the back.

Matt Morgan vs. Magnus (c) for the GFW championship

Magnus tries some body punches on the big man, but Morgan just shrugs them off and takes the fight to the champ. Magnus tried to slow Morgan down on the outside, but Matt fought back quickly and continued to work over the Brit.

However, he misses a Carbon Footprint and hits the corner instead. The champ immediately keys in on his leg. He locks in a Figure Four but Morgan is able to reverse the pressure.

Morgan fires up, hits some splashes, but when he goes for a chokeslam, Magnus kicks the bad leg. Magnus goes to the top but when he comes down is caught in the chokeslam. Morgan goes for a pin but Magnus gets his foot on the rope.

Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint but immediately clutches his leg. This allows Magnus to roll to the outside, avoiding a pinfall.

Outside, the champ grabs his title and brings it in to use as a weapon. The ref stops him but as he’s taking the title, he kicks Morgan in the balls. He then hits a Michinoku Driver, a top rope elbow, and gets the 1-2-3.

Magnus def. Morgan to retain the GFW title


McKenzie interviews Lashley back stage. Lashley said that the GFW titles may be important to everyone else, but that’s because it’s a title that they can’t attain because they can touch him.

They play a video of LAX in their clubhouse. They mock Decay a little and say they’re going to hold a funeral procession for them next week.

They play a James Storm “Make Impact Great” video.

They play a black and white video of Rockstar Spud discussing his pain after his attack from Swoggle. He has to take four pain killers just to use the bathroom. They played sad music over it. It was hilarious.

Kongo Kong (w/Laurel Van Ness) vs. William Weaks

It’s a squash, where Laurel, orders Kong to keep squashing the poor dude until it’s mercifully over.

Kong wins

Braxton Sutter and Allie come out post match. Sutter runs right at Kong with chops. He’s able to clothesline Kong over the top rope, though the big man lands on his feet.


Eli Drake Make Impact Great video

They play the video about Sonjay Dutt’s eye injury where Low-Ki is interviewed and brings up the fact that Dutt can never win the X division title.

Eli Drake (w/Tyrus) vs. Alberto El Patron

Alberto’s GFW title match is on the line

Eli Drake tries to take a powder early on, but El Patron chases him down immediately and takes the fight to Eli on the outside. However, Tyrus trips up Patron when he’s entering the ring. However, the referee saw it and tossed Tyrus.

However, Drake is still able to take control of Patron. But Patron tosses Drake over the rope onto the apron and then drop kicks his knees! And then follows up with a suicide dive! This takes Impact to break.

Impact returns with Drake delivering a back suplex onto the apron. This allowed Drake to hold the advantage for awhile, despite Patron delivering his cross breaking over the ropes.

Patron does a running enziguri to Drake while Eli is standing on the second rope. This finally gives Patron the chance to turn things back to his favor. After he fires up and lands some offense, Drake ducks his head kick and delivers a TKO.

But Patron hits it a second time and Drake barely kicks out at 2. Drake responds with some offense, but he only gets a 2 count.

Eli Drake finds himself in the Tree of Woe and it looked like Berto was going to stomp him but Eli tosses him off the rope with the knee pad. He missed a springboard in but hits a springboard moonsault instead!

Patron is able to lock in his armbar but Drake locks his arms and fights out. Alberto is able to set Drake up in the ropes and quickly hit his stomp for the 1-2-3.

El Patron def. Eli Drake

That was a really good match.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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