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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (May 11, 2017): GFW Title match


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 11) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Alberto El Patron will be facing GFW champion Magnus with the title on the line. Plus, Alisha Edwards will take on Angelina Love, LAX will pay their respects to Decay, and Marshe Rockett will challenge Moose for the Grand Championship.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!



Andrew Everett vs. Caleb Konley vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydall

Josh Mathews makes a note that Sonjay Dutt was supposed to be i this but still recovering from his eye injury.

The match starts with everyone getting some moves in. It gets to a point where Sydall and Konley have separate submissions on the other two guys. Everett and Xavier work together alone for awhile until Sydal makes his way in and shows off, leveling all three guys at one point.

At one point, Dezmond Xavier does a cartwheel, a flip, and then turns it into a tope con giro.

The end of the match, has Sydal attempt a Frankensteiner from the top on Xavier, but Dezmond lands on his feet. However, Everett slides into the ring and hits a Frankendriver (a Frankensteiner that drives the head into the mat) onto Xavier for the win.

Andrew Everett wins.


They throw to the booth where we see JB is back sitting behind the table in the crowd.

They play an EC3 video where Carter promises we’ll see the Cowboy tonight.

They play another KM bit where he is obnoxious to a pizza guy this time. He insists he didn’t order a pizza as he is eating it. When the guy insists he ordered the pizza, KM gets angry, asking if he’s calling him a liar. When the guy is intimidated enough, KM tells him to “Make like a tree and get out of here.”

EC3 segment

James Storm’s music plays but out comes EC3 dressed like a Cowboy (bullrope and all). He says this county a new sheriff and it’s E Cowboy 3. EC3 says he’s here to pay homage to the coward James Storm. But this town isn’t big enough for the two of them. Because he’s also a crooner, he wrote Storm a song he’s going to sing.

Then he sings “Friends In Low Places” with his own lyrics.

James Storm finally interrupts. As his music plays he comes in from the back of the ring and takes it to EC3. However, Carter is finally able to use his cowboy boot to the head of Storm. Then he handcuffs him to the ropes!

Ethan then uses his leather belt to whip the back of the Cowboy, who is helpless to defend himself. When the security team finally comes out to try to stop him, one of them gets whipped by Carter as well.


Mathews announces there will be a tournament for the GFW tag titles. I have no clue why.

Hakim Zane and Idris Abraham vs. Lardeo Kid and Garza Jr

Laredo starts off looking good again Zane. Garza tags in and is able to neutralize both members of the other team. But when he makes a big deal about ripping off his pants, he receives a big knee from Hakim Zane.

This allows Zane And Abraham take control for a bit. Until Garza catches a poetry in motion into a powerbomb to the other guys back, it spells the end. Laredo Kid hits a 450 for the win.

Laredo Kid and Garza Jr win

After the match, they are interviewed backstage. They say they want to represent lucha libre. They claim they are the best tag team there is.


Make Impact Great video with the Pope.

Ava Storie vs. Laurel Van Ness (with Kongo Kong)

Laurel is still in the wedding dress.

Laurel uses a spear to get control early. She randomly screams at times. She ends up winning to the curb stomp kick to the back.

Van Ness def. Storie

Post match, she continues to attack Ava. When Earl Hebner pulls her off, Kong runs in but Hebner gets out of dodge.


They play another Rockstar Spud video. The music is chipper. This time around, Spud is asking what kind of man would assault another man with a weapon for trying to do his job.

They show LAX in a car, with most of them (except Konnan) wearing black and white face paint. They enter the building and make their way to the ring slowly. They are carrying urns.

Konnan grabs a microphone and pretends to be solemn, but then says screw that. He instructs them to dump the ashes and kick them around. Konnan says that the people at Impact sent their best team to take out LAX and failed. Now there’s a clown in a coffin and Abyss eating out of a straw.

He lets it known they’re going to win the GFW titles too.

There’s a man in the crowd waving the American flag, which pisses off Konnan. He threatens to go at the man. When the man keeps waving the flag, Konnan face palms him.

The Veterans of War come out and a brawl ensues. Wilcox and Mayweather stand tall in the end.


Marshe Rockett vs. Moose (c) for the Grand Championship

Round 1: It starts with Marshe Rockett trying to get the advantage with a kick and a headlock. However Moose knocks him down quickly. That doesn’t stop Rockett who is able to land a series of kicks, knocking the big man down.

Moose fights back with a kick of his own, knocking Marshe down, and then a bicycle kick to the face while he’s down. Marshe goes to the top, but Moose hits a jumping drop kick that knocks Rockett to the floor.

Marshe barely makes the count and when he does finally make it to the ring, Moose continues his offense, with a chop and then a headbutt.

Moose wins the round via unanimous decision

Round 2: Moose goes for another kick but Rockett dodges it. That doesn’t matter as Moose ends up hitting a big powerbomb, a senton, and a sit-down chokeslam for the 1-2-3.

Moose wins the round and match via pinfall

Tyrus comes out after the match. As he slowly walks to the ring, Eli Drake attacks Moose from behind. Both men beat up the Grand Champion.

After they are done, Chris Adonis runs out to pick the scraps, locking the Adonis lock in. Eli Drake comes in with a chair, stares down Adonis, and then starts beating up Moose with the weapon.


McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Dutch Mantell. He said that next week we’ll see the return of the Ultimate X match. It’ll be Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. Low-Ki. (Weird. There’s usually a forth guy.)

Angelina Love (with Davey Richards) vs. Alisha Edwards (w/Eddie on crutches)

This match starts with both women brawling on the mat. The fight spills outside where Alish is completely in control of Angelina.

However back in the match, Angelina hits a huge clothesline. She then just chokes her. She follows up by pulling Alisha up by her arms and stomping her chest over and over.

Alisha fights back and hits a double underhook DDT. This leads to Davey trying to distract the ref. With his foot over rope, Alisha kicks the ropes. However, while this is happening, Angelina wraps a chain around her hand and knocks Edwards in the back with it.

The ref sees the chain and calls for the DQ.

Alisha def. Angelina via DQ

After the match, Eddie limps in the ring to stop Love. He gets two slaps for his effort. He catches the third but takes a crutch to the knee from Davey Richards. Angelina holds the leg of Eddie as Davey knocks the knee with the crutch.


Lashley is interviewed asking if he’ll be paying attention to the title match tonight. He says he always pays attention to who is coming into Impact. He’s prided himself in holding as many titles and this GFW title is a new one.

Alberto El Patron vs. Magnus (c) for the GFW title

El Patron starts off quickly, locking in the crossarm breaker over the night and follows up with some punches in the corner. Magnus fights back for a bit but it doesn’t last long as El Patron is soon back on the offensive.

Both men find themselves trading punches on the top rope and the both fall to the floor as Impact goes to break.

Impact returns to find Patron hitting a series of clotheslines and then a step up enziguri. AEP misses his kick to the head and Magnus hits a Michinoku Driver. He goes to the top rope and nails his elbow drop but Alberto kicks out at 2.

Now it’s Magnus who has control. The fight spills outside and Magnus suplexes Patron on the ring ramp. Alberto barely beats the count back into the ring.

Patron hits a back stabber and locks in the cross armbreaker. The champ is able to move his body to get his foot on the rope to break the submission. Magnus slides outside to take a breather. El Patron follows him out and slams his arm into the guardrail a couple times, softening up his arm.

However back in the ring, when Patron goes to the top, Magnus hits an uppercut and locks in the Cloverleaf. Alberto is able to craw his way to the bottom rope.

When Magnus goes to pick up the challenger, AEP drops his arm onto his knees and then kicks Magnus in the head. This only earns him a 2 count though.

Magnus sets up Patron for a superplex but Patron fights free and Magnus is set up for the stomp but Magnus dodges it. The stomp ends up hurting Patron’s knee, which was worked on earlier in the Cloverleaf. Now Magnus unloads a series of big boots and then a powerbomb.

He picks up Patron on his shoulders but Alberto slides down and locks in the armbreaker, which forces the champ to tap.

Alberto El Patron wins the GFW title


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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