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Impact Wrestling Preview (May 11, 2017): Title Impact


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 11) with their four episode from the most recent set of tapings. As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) What’s at stake in the GFW title match?

I know. The easy answer to “what’s at stake” in this Alberto El Patron vs. Magnus GFW title match is simple: The GFW title, right?

But is it really that simple?

Ever since the announcement that Impact absorbed GFW, there are a slew of GFW championships floating about. But why should fans of Impact care? GFW never had a television show for fans to check out. So unless you specifically went to a GFW show, that belt means as much as the beer pong championship I made when I was 23. (I won it in a best of seven and defended it in an Iron Man match before dropping it.)

People who watch Impact care about the Impact championships. These are the prizes that fans have been paying attention to since they’ve been watching. So until we know how these added props tie into the props that we’re invested in, this match isn’t going to feel like anything but an exhibition.

2) Does Rosemary have evil intentions?

LAX defeated the Decay in a street fight a couple weeks ago, and all signs point to that being the end of Decay. (It’s really because Crazzy Steve is leaving.) To rub it in, they are going to “pay their respects” to the trio. The way they made it sound last week, I got the impression it could be akin to a funeral proceeding.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to funeral processions from the theatrical Lucha Underground, but this can be really cool. The imagery of a funeral march, if done even close to how LU does it, could be really cool. Add in the dark imagery of Decay and that’s a fine recipe.

Surely, Rosemary isn’t going to stand for this. While we don’t know if Abyss is going to continue as his Decay persona, it’s likely Rosemary will continue embracing her darkness. And perhaps this will set up a match between Rosemary and LAX’s Diamante.

3) How is Alisha Edwards in the ring?

Tonight, the battle between the Wolves continue as their respective wives go head to head. This was set up last week when after Eddie Edwards lost to Matt Sydal, Davey Richards attacked him. He hung up Eddie’s knee over the guardrail and smacked it with a chair. (This may have led to some time off for Eddie for some minor surgery.) During the brouhaha, Alisha dove onto Angelina Love and they started brawling.

This will be Alisha’s first match in Impact. I haven’t seen her before her time here, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t wrestled a bunch prior. According to wiki, she’s been wrestling since 2006.

Those who have seen her can clue us in down below in the comments, but wrestling for over a decade means we aren’t going to be watching someone really green like we did when watching Ava Storie or Brandi Rhodes. Speaking of...

4) Where are the Rhodes?

Neither Cody nor Brandi Rhodes have been in Impact this last set of tapings. Cody was in the middle of a feud with Moose that has been put on hold. (The Grand Champion defends against Marshe Rockett tonight.) Brandi didn’t have a story of her own but was a featured part of that one.

There’s been rumor that Cody wants to settle down with a promotion. Given he has a Ring of Honor title match this Friday, it’s possible ROH is his destination. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done with Impact though. Matt Sydal is currently working both promotions as well.

5) Who is the next challenger for the X Division title?

We haven’t seen Low-Ki since he won the title in a multi-man match the night he returned. We also don’t know who his next opponent is. There are definitely a few options that make sense.

Sonjay Dutt got his eye jacked up during that title match and they used that as part of a video package that featured Low-Ki making it known that Sonjay has never held this title. Matt Sydal has debuted for Impact and is 2-0 since doing so, notching wins against the former champ Trevor Lee and Eddie Edwards. Lee still deserves a title rematch as well.

These are all good options for a Low-Ki feud. This being the X-Division, we shouldn’t be surprised if they throw these guys in a one match alongside Suicide and Andrew Everett for the belt. But it’s be nice to see a couple one on one feuds.

Impact Wrestling airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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