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TNA Impact Preview (Apr. 6, 2017): Rosemary’s next challenge


TNA Impact returns tonight (Apr. 6) with episode four from the last set of tapings. As usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Who will become #1 contender to Rosemary’s Knockouts title?

This week there will be a gantlet style battle royal to determine Rosemary’s next title challenger.

It contains ODB, Madison Rayne, Diamante, Brandi Rhodes, Kayci Quinn, a woman I don’t know, and Rebel.

That is also the order of people I think most likely to win to least. ODB makes the most sense since she was the one who started the segment last week with Rosemary. While I suppose she could be a bigger feud down the road, I think she’s better served as a big win for Rosemary. I put Madison in front of Diamante because I think Diamante, as part of tag champs LAX, may be a later feud. It’s not great that I think a woman who’s face I can’t place has a better chance than Rebel but it is what it is.

2) What’s the story with the title picture?

The title picture has had a bit of a rocky road. Alberto El Patron was granted a title shot day one, defeated Bobby Lashley for the belt, and then had to relinquish it the next week. The following week, Patron defeated EC3 in a #1 contenders match. Then Alberto disappeared and EC3 was last seen claiming rights to the title against James Storm. Going into the new episode, we don’t know who Lashley’s next challenger really is.

I suppose it is Patron but they’re still keeping it open with Storm throwing his name in the hat and EC3 still pushing for a shot of his own. Tonight would be a good night to clear it up and try to get this story on the right track.

Hopefully Alberto will be back soon and we’ll get a clearer picture of this scene.

3) Is this it for the Wolves feud?

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will face off in a Last Man Standing match tonight, a culmination of their issues that has been going on for months. Will this be it for the Wolves blood feud or just another chapter in a longer story.

This is not a story that started with this regime but was already in place when Jarrett and Co. took over creative. So it’s entirely possible it ends tonight and they soon put their own vision for these men in place. But it’s a pretty good feud so there could be more life to it.

It’s also worth wondering whether or not Davey’s wife Angelina Love and Eddie’s wife, who is apparently a wrestler as well, gets involved.

4) What does Andrew Everett need to do to get a title shot?

Despite defeating DJ Z last week, Shane Helms says that Andrew Everett needs to continue to work to earn an X Division title shot against Trevor Lee. Helms is offering an “opportunity” to Everett tonight, which will likely be some more hoops that Andrew has to jump through.

This isn’t bad so far. Building to an Everett/Lee title match, which could be fire in the ring, is a good plan.

5) Is a DCC Town Hall Meeting going to be the lamest thing or what?

We’ll find out tonight when we tune in because that’s what they’re doing. Yes, it is just them hashing out their issues in the middle of the ring, but calling it a “Town Hall Meeting” makes it sound much lamer. And the DCC as a unit are already kind of losers so combining the two could really make this epic.

With James Storm already looking ahead to a title match, I can’t imagine this crew is going to work their issues out tonight. But maybe the Cowboy will try to get them on the same page to help him win the title before kicking Bram and Kingston to the curb for good.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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