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Scott Steiner shows up to Impact tapings


So, his happened tonight (Apr. 23) at the Impact Wrestling tapings:

Normally, we don’t post spoilers. However, the above tweet was re-tweeted by Impact. And they released this one as well. If they want us to know, it’s fair game.

If you’re a big fan of Big Poppa Pump or shock value signings, this is for you. If you’re like me and wanted to see Impact head into a new direction that utilizes younger talent instead of jump in the Delorean and travel back 5 years, then you probably let out a weighted sigh as well. They can call themselves Impact Wrestling all they want, but they’re more TNA now than they’ve been in years.

Who knows? Maybe the story they tell with him will be good. But it doesn’t instill confidence when they bring in a bunch of people who were around years ago when the promotion wasn’t as good as they like to remember.

Oh well. Maybe we’ll get a math promo at least?

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