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Sonjay Dutt’s eye got super messed up on Impact this week. Now you can watch them drain it!

This video is definitely NOT for the squeamish.

Before you go any further, the video below contains some rather graphic content regarding Sonjay Dutt’s eye injury. So if that type of thing unsettles your stomach, best you don’t watch it.

Sonjay Dutt returned to Impact last Thursday to participate in the main event X Division title match. During the match, Sonjay’s eye got, I believe the medical term is, JACKED UP.

Now Impact posted a video of Sonjay cutting a promo while his right eye is still completely swollen shut and then some video of the doctors starting to drain the eyelid.

Impact also used this injury and this video to set up a feud between Dutt and the man who returned to win the title, Low-Ki. It started about the eye injury but turned into a story about Sonjay never being able to win the title.

It’s a good set up for a future feud, but seriously, how nasty is that eye???

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