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TNA adds the trademark symbol to all Broken Matt Hardy titles on YouTube, prompting another Reby Tweet storm

The issues between the Hardys and TNA continue.

The Hardy Brothers and TNA have been embroiled in a legal battle over the rights of the Broken character. In fact when Matt and Jeff were set to defend their Ring of Honor (ROH) tag team championships at the 15th Anniversary pay-per-view (PPV), Impact sent cease and desists to both ROH and cable companies carrying the PPV because they were using the Broken gimmick. In their successful title defense, the Hardys toned down certain aspect of the gimmick, with the announcers never using the terms “Broken” or “Brother Nero” but Matt still acting typical Broken Matt crazy.

Word is that TNA doesn’t want them to stop using the gimmick but wants a cut of the proceeds. Their argument is that the gimmick was created while Matt was working in TNA, while the Hardys claim that this was all their idea, created on their own, and much of the work was put in by them.

To add more fuel to the fire, it was noticed by fans on Twitter that TNA has been putting the trademark symbol on everything concerning the gimmick on their YouTube. Here is the Impact YouTube with the word “Broken” searched.

Impact Wrestling YouTube

This was brought to the attention of Reby Hardy by a fan on Twitter, prompting another Twitter rant.

And then this exchange:

The last part is of note because there was just a report earlier today that the Hardys have been offered WWE contracts, though the sides may not yet be in agreement about how full time the brothers would be in WWE.

Matt, who is usually a bit more quiet on this issue, or at least more veiled, than his wife, had words for Jeff Jarrett tonight. He quoted a tweet Jarrett sent the other week, and tonight, he was less Broken (TM) and more to the point.

Blood is bad here, folks, and it doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. Stay tuned as there will surely be more drama coming.

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