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TNA reportedly sent a cease & desist to Ring of Honor & PPV regarding the Broken Hardy gimmick

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Now we know what set Reby off...

PWInsider is reporting that Anthem Entertainment, the new owners of TNA Impact Wrestling, sent legal notices to Matt & Jeff Hardy, Ring of Honor (ROH) and all companies planning to carry that promotion’s 15th Anniversary pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast tonight (March 10) regarding the “Broken Hardys” gimmick used by Matt & Jeff Hardy.

The brothers are the current ROH tag champs and are set to defend those titles this evening. Anthem believes “Broken Hardys” is their intellectual property, since it was created by Matt while he was under contract to TNA. They’re demanding all parties served cease & desist use of the characters.

According to PWInsider’s sources, the action was taken by Anthem management and not the new creative regime headed by Jeff Jarrett. It certainly frames a couple of Tweets from Impact President Ed Nordholm from this morning, originally seen by many as a nice gesture, in a new light:

ROH is not planning on diverting from their original booking of 15th Anniversary and the Hardys Triple Threat match against The Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice, per PWInsider, but may downplay the characters.

We’ll update you with what happens at 15th Anniversary, and whatever comes next in TNA’s latest legal drama, as we have it.