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The Hardy Brothers can teleport now

You shouldn’t be surprised.

On Impact Wrestling tonight (Feb. 9), Matt Hardy, alongside his brother Jeff, explained their Expedition of Gold.

Basically, they will go to promotions all over the world to win different sets of tag titles until they are deemed by the Seven Deities the greatest tag team of all of space and time.

How will they get there? Oh, just by teleportation.

You see, their trusty drone Vanguard One has been upgraded to do that. I kind of wish I had a teleportation drone for any time I’m stuck in traffic.

But that wasn’t all! Matt got a premonition that their mission started then and there!

At first they didn’t know where they were sent, but it turns out it was Tijuana. Now they find some titles to win.

Just a typical day for the Broken Hardys.

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