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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Feb. 9, 2017): Eddie’s last chance


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 9) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Eddie Edwards will get his last shot at the TNA title against Bobby Lashley. Plus, Drew Galloway will defend his Grand Championship against Mahabali Shera, the Hardys begin their Expedition for Gold, Brandi Rhodes confronts the Decay, Trevor Lee celebrates his new X Division title, and Aron Rex will face Robbie E.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



Backstage, the Hardy Clam (minus Benjamin) are entering the arena. Matt stops and asks why Maxel is eating carbs... this family only eats protein! Jeff asks Matt what the Deities are showing him. Matt says he’ll reveal that later.

DCC/Eli Drake/Tyrus segment

The show opens with DCC making their way to the ring. Storms said their plan was simple - keep moving forward and take out anyone in their way. When this country is going to hell, for the DCC, business is good.

Eli Drake’s music plays. Drake has a microphone that he hands to Tyrus. Tyrus said that the DCC wrote a check their ass can’t cash. He’s calling them out 3 on 2. Drake doesn’t seem pleased with that idea. After some trash talk, this turns into a brawl. The DCC quickly use their numbers, but Tyrus holds his own, keeping them in a fight. The brawl leads to commercial.

DCC vs. Tyrus & Eli Drake

When TNA returns, this match is in progress and Tyrus is working over Kingston. He tags Drake in who hits a jumping elbow and goes for a pinfall for a nearfall. Kingston is able to tag in Bram who works over Drake in a far corner. Drake hits a big powerslam and then a clothesline on a sitting Bram and starts working on Bram for a bit.

Drake tags in Tyrus who continues working over the Chesterfield Plague. Drake is tagged back in an spits in the direction of the DCC’s corner. The two over there step in for a second, drawing the attention of the ref to allow Drake and Tyrus work a double team.

Drake comes off the middle rope but Bram is able to hit a blow to Drake and tag in the Cowboy. Storm comes out hot against Drake. He sets up for the Last Call but Drake just avoids it and tags in Tyrus. Storm hits him in the face but Tyrus is unfazed. Same results a second time. Now Storm is mocking the Funkasaurus angle! Tyrus plays along for a second before hitting a big punch to Storm and then to the other members of the DCC.

He turns around and see Drake bailing on him so he takes on the three members of the DCC alone... but Last Call and both Kingston and Storm go for the cover. 1-2-3.

DCC def. Tyrus and Eli Drake


Brandi Rhodes is delivering an interview backstage talking about how she is working towards being the best Knockout. She knows that she’s got a ways to go, but there’s a Knockout out there who is acting however she wants. So Brandi is going to call out the KOs champion next.

Backstage, Allie runs into Braxton Sutter backstage. They make some awkward small talk when Maria comes in looking for her coffee. She sends Allie away to get her coffee, leaving the First Lady and Braxton. Maria says that she’ll forget that this just happened because they won’t want to upset Laurel on this special day. Braxton says she can’t force this to happen. Maria says no, but she can expect it to happen in the next hour or so.

Brandi/Decay segment

Brandi Rhodes comes down to the ring. She thanks the fans for making her feel welcome here. Brandi says she has a big problem with another Knockout, someone vile, disgusting, and pure evil. She looks at the camera and says “Rosemary, do you want to keep playing mind games or do you want to throw hands?”

All of the Decay come out. Rosemary said that Brandi may have even enjoyed the taste of their sickness, but alas, she rejected them. But Decay comes for everyone, but choice or by force. First it’s just Rosemary in the ring with Rhodes, but Abyss and Steve soon join them. Rosemary says they respect the choice to fight, but it’s her funeral.

Rosemary gets Brandi in a guillotine choke as the others watch... and Moose’s music plays! He lays out Steve! And now shots to Abyss! The big man clears the ring of the two men but now Rosemary is stalking him... before opting to bail.

Moose helps Brandi up as Decay backs off.


Ugh. Backstage Rockstar Spud introduces Aron Rex. He asks Aron what’s going to happen to Robbie tonight. Rex says he doesn’t like fashion no-nos and Robbie is why eyelids were invented, so he can close his eyes and not look at him. He doesn’t like violence but is going to make an exception tonight.

Backstage, Moose is with Brandi. He speaks into the mic, and says anyone who messes with Brandi messes with him. Brandi says that she can play mind games too. She’s got friends around here. She makes the challenge for next week, a mixed tag.

Aron Rex vs. Robbie E

The announcers talk about how Rex said this is the true Aron Rex, that he’s said now he’s being true to himself.

Prior the match, he gets a microphone. He reminds them that they have to sing his name and Spud does it. Then does it again. And again.... this is when Robbie E’s music plays.

The bell rings. Rex uses the ropes to avoid Robbie early on. Robbie chases him outside and uses Spud as a shield. He tosses Spud at E and gets a hit in.

Back in the ring, Robbie takes it to Rex. Spud grabs Rex’s hands to prevent Robbie from pulling him in.

Rex eventually uses a rake of the eye and tosses Robbie outside for Spud to work over Robbie. Back in the ring, Rex takes it to Robbie until he misses a knee drop. This allows Robbie to get back on the offense.

Robbie hits a crossbody but once again, Rex grabs onto Spud. Robbie pulls them both in the ring. Robbie goes after Spud, but as this is happen, Rex pulls the tape down exposing one of the rings and delivers a KO shot to Robbie for the 1-2-3.

Rex def. Robbie


Backstage, Reby is talking to Jeff saying what Matt has in mind is too much. It could be dangerous. Matt rolls in and says the Deities won’t lead them astray.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards is getting ready for his match tonight with Davey and both their wives at his side.

Braxton and Mike Bennett are talking back stage. Bennett tells Sutter these are exciting times. Braxton says he doesn’t know how Bennett deals with Maria on a daily basis. The Miracle says that Maria has a kind heart and wants what’s best for Laurel. He says he knows he’ll do the right thing. Braxton has a realization and says “I will do the right thing” and walks off.

Broken Hardy segment

The Broken Hardys make their way to the ring.In the ring there is a golden pedestal that looks to have a cloth on top, perhaps covering something.

Matt says he’s recently had many premonitions about their expedition of gold. Today, he finally understood the totality of the premonitions. He pulls back the cloth to reveal Vanguard One. He says the Deities have upgraded VG1 to become the most powerful drone of all of space and time... because now he can teleport things! It’s about time!

VG1 will teleport them all over the world to different promotions to win different tag gold. And they will win until the Deities declare them the greatest tag team of all of space and time.

Jeff asks for a bit more clarification of his premonitions for the creatures. He says they’ll touch VG1 and go to promotion and promotion, territories or something like the Honorable Ring, or even the MeekMahan show, and there will be gold that they will win.

He has another premonition... it’s time! They both touch VG1.... and they vanish!

They then arrive in a tropical area but they don’t know where. They ask a man where they are and he says in Tijuana!


Drew Galloway (c) vs. Mahabli Shera for the Grand Championship

Round One: The match starts with Shera tries some pinfalls. Drew tries a Future Shock but Shera reverses it into a jack knife which Drew kicked out of. Drew hits some forearms but Shera hits a scoop slam.

Drew finds himself climbing to the top rope, but Shera tosses him down to the mat. He picks up Drew but the champ fights out and slides out of the ring. Shera tries to follow but Drew knocks his leg as he’s exiting the ring.

Drew deals chops to Shera outside the ring and then tosses him on top of the guardrail. The time runs out as Shera is hitting a sky high powerbomb, which happened after the match ended

Close round but it feels like Shera’s round.

Shera wins round by split decision

Round Two: It looks like Shera is selling the Sky High when the round begins but he hits a big boot to Mahabali who charges at him. Now Drew takes control.

Drew controls the first half but Shera fights back and hits a big slam for a nearfall. But Drew hits a head butt and then goes up top... but misses. Shera goes for Sky High but Drew fights out, hits the Claymore and then the Future Shock for the 1-2-3.

Drew Galloway wins by pinfall


Backstage, Braxton finds Laurel Van Ness backstage. LVN talks about using her father’s credit card to go shopping and then go back to her place. Braxton drops his water bottle and goes to pick it up and LVN thinks he’s proposing and says yes.

The Helms Dynasty Implosion

The Helms Dynasty is in the ring. Shane introduces Trevor Lee, the new X Division champion. Lee says he knew it was only a matter of time until he broke DJ Z down and took what he knew is his. Now that he’s champion, it proves he’s the crown jewel of the X Division and Helms Dynasty.

Helms gets back on the mic and tells Andrew Everett that he’s the weak link of the Dynasty. He tells him he’s squandered a ton of opportunity that Helms got him. He won’t let the Dynasty be weak and if he has to trim fat, he will.

Everett takes the mic. He tells the leader he’s wrong. How many times did he have to jump on a grenade for this Dynasty? He understands how good Trevor Lee is. They’ve won gold everywhere they’ve gone and they’ve done it without Shane. So what if the problem isn’t Everett but an old man living off his former glories?

It looks like Helms is about to get ready to a fight, but Lee attacks Everett from behind. It’s a 2 on 1 attack, ending with the double stomp from the champ!


The Hardys are in Tijuana looking for the tag team champions of Tijuana. It shows them interacting with fans.

They advertise the Hardys in Tijuana facing Pcisosis and Super Crazy.

Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley (c) for the TNA championship

Lashley gets some hits in and then goes outside to show off in front of Eddie’s wife and Angelina Love (Davey’s wife). (Davey is not ringside). This leads to Eddie hitting the champ with a suicide dive and hitting some chops.

However, when he gets Lashley back in the ring, the Destroyer just hits a huge spinebuster as TNA goes to break.

When they return, Lashley is still in control of the challenger. This goes on until Eddie hits a clothesline out of the corner, knocking the champ down.

Both men are up and Eddie is able to use his quickness to keep Lashley at bay. He goes up top but Lashley catches him on the way down, looking to hit a powerbomb. But Edwards is able to reverse it into a rana onto the outside.

Lashley lands a kick and tosses Eddie back into the ring but Eddie runs right back out hitting a suicide dive on the champ!

Eddie is able to keep at Lashley back in the ring until Lashley hits a big Dominator for a nearfall. The champ goes outside and grabs his title and walks over to where Eddie’s wife his sitting. He then gets into the ring with the title but Davey Richards is out and grabs the title from the champ.

Eddie is able to his a Blue Thunder Bomb after this exchange but the champ kicks out. After a series of moves, Lashley goes to sit on top of the turnbuckle but Eddie hits an enziguri knocking him out. He goes for the suicide dive but Lashley catches him and delivers a belly to belly on the outside.

Lashley slides the challenger back in the ring and sets up for a spear but Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party! 1-2... Davey pulls the ref outside! Davey starts shouting at Eddie about it’s all about him now.

And Angelina Love hits Eddie’s wife with a big forearm. While the ref is dealing with all of that, Lashley hits Eddie with the title for the 1-2-3!

Lashley def. Eddie Edwards

Angelina slides Eddie’s wife into the ring and makes her watch as Davey lays punches into her husband. He then takes off his belt and chokes Eddie with it. Then Davey and Angelina make out in the ring.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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