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TNA Impact Preview (Feb. 9, 2017): The Last Chance


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 9, 2017) with another episode from their January set of tapings. Here are our five questions about tonight’s offering.

1) Is Davey finally going to turn on Eddie tonight?

Eddie Edwards has his TNA title rematch with Bobby Lashley tonight and it’s his last chance. Honestly, we should be probably be thankful this is the last meet between these guy since they’ve been going at it a lot since last summer.

They’ve been teasing some dissension between the Wolves since Davey Richards’ return. The likelihood is that Eddie will not be winning the title back tonight. If that’s the case, Davey would make sense as the next place to go for Edwards. However, it’s possible they don’t jump into that tonight and end up doing a bit of tag work before they get there.

2) Why is Rosemary trying to recruit Brandi Rhodes into Decay?

They’ve been teasing a showdown between Rosemary and Brandi Rhodes in backstage segments for a couple weeks now.

Rosemary is trying to bring Rhodes onto the side of Decay, which isn’t something new for them. Jimmy Havoc kind of rolled with them briefly and they tried to recruit Bram. But Bram made sense. He was already pretty much an unhinged psychopath in the TNA landscape and seemed like a perfect fit. Brandi isn’t.

Perhaps it’s just the challenge. Brandi is a strong willed individual and it’s easy to imagine Rosemary is up to the challenge. Tonight, Brandi will address Decay.

3) What’s Drew Galloway’s plan to hold onto his title tonight?

Drew Galloway won the Grand Championship three weeks ago and successfully defended it the last two weeks. But it hasn’t all been on the up and up.

He used a low blow to Moose to get the advantage when he won the title. He did the same in the rematch with Moose the following week. Last week he let an unknown Rob Ryzin get a shot, knowing he’d get an easy win instead of facing an angry Moose again.

Tonight, he defends it against Mahabli Shera. Shera is a big dude so it won’t be a cake walk like last week, though Galloway shouldn’t need to cheat to retain his gold. But it doesn’t mean he won’t try. Maybe he’ll return to the low blow well. Maybe a good ol’ thumb to the eye. Or just maybe Moose will be too angry to let this match even finish.

4) What gold are the Hardys shooting for?

It was advertised that the already tag champions Broken Hardys will be continue their expedition for gold tonight. What gold that is is not clear.

Jeff came up short in his quest for TNA heavyweight gold last week. And last I check, there’s no other TNA tag team gold for them to claim. Are they going to start spying some other promotions? (TNA recently announced a partnership with Pro Wrestling NOAH but this was all taped before then.)

They have a feud with the Young Bucks in Ring of Honor, but that hasn’t bled over to TNA as of yet.

5) Are we getting some honest to goodness character building in the X Division?

Tonight, new X Division champion Trevor Lee is holding a celebration. That’s right. We’re getting a promo segment with the new champion. Not a random multi-man match. They’re giving Lee and the rest of the Helms Dynasty a mic to help build them as a heel faction.

This is also a chance for babyface DJ Z to come out and let it be known that when his knee is good to go, an injury Trevor caused two weeks ago, he’s going to be back to kick some ass.

This could be some good division building for the X Division.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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