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Anthem is working on phasing the TNA out of Impact Wrestling

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As you can tell by their ubiquitous new “owl” logo, Impact Wrestling’s new owners, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, are in the process of phasing out the initials the company’s been known by since its inception - TNA.

PWInsider reported earlier that this is part of a strategy by the new owners. The TNA initials have been removed from the company’s website (with the exception of their web store, which is under the URL “”) and social media accounts. Their championship belts still bear the logo of the old name, but are labeled as the generic-sounding "World Heavyweight Championship", "X Division Championship" and "World Tag Team Championship" online.

The most interesting item in the Insider report isn’t sourced, but the mention does give some credence to speculation - and that’s the idea that “TNA” might be replaced with “GFW”.

GFW is, of course, Global Force Wrestling, the company Jeff Jarrett started back in 2014 after leaving Impact. Despite announcing partnerships with other international promotions, holding a couple tapings, crowning champions and even some touring, the promotion was never able to secure a television deal.

Jarrett, who Anthem brought back to Impact to help manage and run creative, has said Global Force is still in existence and has teased news about the brand. GFW could become Impact’s new name, or it could become an umbrella organization for a network of international promotions. Impact has already announced partnerships with Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH, and has teased a similar arrangement with Mexico’s Crash, which could be part of a plan to finally see Global Force become the 21st century NWA some fans hoped it would be when Double J announced it a few years back.

We’ll have to wait and see on that.

For now, however, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be able to LOLTNA any more. LOLGFW does have a nice ring to it, though.

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