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Jeff Jarrett comments on the Hardys leaving TNA

The amazing run of Matt & Jeff Hardy with TNA Impact Wrestling is almost over - reports say their contracts expire at midnight tonight (Feb. 28, 2017), but Matt has already publicly said goodbye (as has his wife Reby, in less diplomatic fashion).

Company founder and new Chief Creative Officer Jeff Jarrett is following Matt’s lead in providing what amounts to an official farewell from TNA, aka the “future endeavors” statement:

Taking the high road and praising the talent while brushing off the failed negotations as “just business” may help to unruffle some feathers - if not for the Hardys and Drew Galloway, who also left Impact this week after the new management was allegedly slow to offer him a new contract, maybe for future free agents. It’s certainly better than new President Ed Nordholm reportedly telling Matt & Jeff to “go to WWE then”.

But it’s clearly damage control at this point, as Double-J tries to pivot and get folks excited about the first taping of his new regime, set for Thursday at Universal Studios.

Also, please stop trying to get “Make Impact Great Again” over.

Thoughts, Cagesiders? Will this be looked back on as “all in the game”, or is having negotiations with your biggest stars something the new Impact can’t come back from?

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