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Matt Hardy comments on leaving TNA

Today was a whirlwind day for the Hardy brothers and TNA. We learned this afternoon that the Impact tag team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy decided to leave the promotion after they felt they were disrespected during the contract negotiations.

This evening, the Broken one himself took to his Twitter to comment about his time in TNA.

This was a more cordial, gracious response than his wife Reby released on Twitter earlier in the day. While things with the new management have looked to turn sour, if it weren’t for the platform TNA offered and the willingness to let Matt run with his vision, he may never have had his renaissance that he is experiencing.

There’s a lot of speculation for what’s next for the Hardy Brothers. They can continue working their Broken gimmick on the indies (if TNA doesn’t stand in their way), and do extremely well for themselves. But there’s always the WWE, where Jeff has previously stated he wants to return to at one point.

Matt himself is more vague in his future plans.

Whatever is in store, it is surely to be DELIGHTFUL. Stay tuned.

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