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TNA may fight Matt Hardy over his ‘Broken’ gimmick

TNA YouTube

News broke earlier today that both Matt and Jeff Hardy will be leaving TNA after contract negotiations between the two sides went south. Click here to read up on all the wild details surrounding that.

Later, Reby Sky absolutely went off on all the negative changes within the company that led to this situation. Now, it may get even worse.

That’s because, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there is some confusion over who exactly owns the “Broken” gimmick Matt has been using on television for some time now. The Hardy side believes Impact can profit off of the name if it was already filmed but beyond that, the gimmick goes with him. The TNA side disputes that, claiming they own the gimmick.

So, then, there could be a fight over it looming.

That said, the Hardys do not have non-compete clauses, so they could very well show up in a new company within the next week or so.

Stay tuned.

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