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Report: Hardys leaving TNA after feeling ‘disrespected during contract talks’

Well, if this new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet is correct, we still don’t know where Matt & Jeff Hardy are headed - but we know one place they won’t be, and that’s TNA Impact Wrestling.

Ryan Satin’s sources tell him the Hardys did reach an agreement in principle to stay with TNA in December, but there were still a few minor details to work out, so the brothers were waiting for a finalized offer. Paperwork for what was supposed to be a one year deal was never sent, and when Matt inquired about its status, he was “consistently given the run around”.

This continued until the brothers’ lawyers contacted Impact to say they wanted creative control written into their new contract, something TNA shot down immediately. According to Sheet’s source, when the Hardys’ team mentioned they had other offers, new Impact President Ed Nordholm replied “Well, tell them to go to WWE then”.

At this point, Jeff allegedly ruled out re-signing, but his brother kept talks open. Matt was later sent a now two-year contract which included Impact receiving 10% of all profits the Hardys would make outside of TNA. At that point, the Broken One also sent word he would join his brother in leaving the company.

It’s said Matt agreed to come to this week’s Impact tapings to write House Hardy out of Impact storylines, as they’ve been a major focus of television for quite some time. TNA officials reportedly replied they wouldn’t let them on TV without contracts, and are now trying to get their belts back from the current champions.

This is mindboggling, and is going to be taken as a sign that - despite new ownership and a new name - TNA gonna TNA.

We’ll let you know when we hear more, including Impact Wrestling’s side of the story and word on Matt & Jeff’s next home, as soon as it hits the web.

UPDATE: PWInsider and John Pollock of Fight Network (like TNA, owned by Anthem) say their sources are telling them the same thing.

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