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TNA Impact Preview (Feb. 23, 2017): Wrestling Wedding!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 23) with a booked card. This is getting to the tail end of the last set of tapings so some stories will to start to move to a close. Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Is Cody going to be a jealous husband?

Cody (Rhodes) is returning to Impact tonight, but his wife Brandi has been around prior. Most recently, she had the help of Moose to deal with an issue she had with Rosemary and Decay. The duo fended off Rosemary and Crazzy Steve last week, winning a mixed tag. After the match, Moose told Brandi, who he dubbed “mini-Moose” that if she has any more troubles, he’ll be there for her.

It just felt a bit odd the way he phrased it. The type of phrase that could be innocent but “I’ll be there for you” is also a line in a gaggle of love songs. And then there’s this preview on the Impact website mentioning how Cody will want to shake Moose’s hand because he protected the one that Cody loves. (Their words. Not mine.) That screams, “Oh he’s pissed about Moose getting to close.”

Also, since we last saw the grandson of a plumber in TNA, he’s gone heel across multiple promotions. Will he add TNA to that list?

2) Will we get to see more of the Hardys wrestling match this week?

Last week, the Hardys won tag titles from Psicosis and Super Crazy in Mexico, and then teleported off before the booker, Konnan, could stop them. Unfortunately, the match was rarely played and instead was a heavily edited 60-120 seconds.

It is possible that is because the referee in that match couldn’t be shown because he is under contract with Lucha Underground. Tonight, that shouldn’t be an issue when the Broken Champs arrive in Mid Atlantic to win more gold. While we don’t need to see all of the match, the last few minutes would be appreciated.

Even if not, Matt Hardy is dressed like an ancient Egyptian and that’s awesome.

3) Is this final stop in the Allie/Maria feud?

Tonight, Braxton Sutter is scheduled to wed Laurel Van Ness. Braxton doesn’t want to but Maria is making him. How? We still have no idea but it has to do with something she can do to her assistant Allie, who Braxton actually cares for. We’ll find that out tonight. But the big takeaway?

Pro Wrestling Wedding!

These are always the most massive shitshows in all the right ways. In this one, we should learn what the First Lady has over the assistant she’s tormented for the better part of a year. And Allie should finally get a major measure of comeuppance.

And then what? Will this lead to a Maria/Allie match? It should. It’s been heading that way for a long time. However, Brooke is back and she too is feuding with Ms. Kanellis-Bennett. Will they use this as the end of the Allie/Maria issue to move onto Brooke or give this the match it deserves?

4) Will we get a proper build to the next Jade/Rosemary feud?

Tonight, Jade has an offer for the Knockouts champion Rosemary. These two have fought twice for the Knockouts title, both in quite enjoyable hardcore style matches, and both times the sadistic Rosemary has come out on top. Unfortunately, both of those feuds were rushed with little build.

The idea of these two going for round three is an exciting one. Hopefully, tonight will be the start of a build of at least a few weeks before these two lock up again.

5) Is Eli Drake going to win tonight?

This feels like a cheap question, but there’s more to it than looking for an easy question to ask about Drake’s match against Tyrus tonight. Because Eli really needs a win.

Two weeks ago, the loudmouth Drake bailed on his short term ally Tyrus in a tag match against DCC. Last week, they verbally sparred before setting up this match.

Drake has been shining in TNA, but he hasn’t necessarily been winning. 2016 did not have many marquee wins for Drake. He lost a feud to Grado early on. He lost to Eddie Edwards. He lost to James Storm. He lost to EC3 multiple times. He did that again in 2017 despite Carter being injured for the match.

Drake could rise to the top of TNA, but the dude needs some wins to do so. Starting with a win over Tyrus tonight.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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