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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Feb. 23, 2017): Cody returns!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 23) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Cody Rhodes returns. Plus, the Hardys continue their quest to win all the tag titles, Jade is going to call out Rosemary, Eli Drake will face Tyrus, Jessie Godderz will face another member of the DCC, and we have the Braxton Sutter/Laurel Van Ness pro-wrestling wedding!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show opens with a graphic “In Memoriam” of George Steel, Chavo Guerrero Sr, Ivan Koloff, and Nicole Bass. (They did a separate graphic for each one).

We see Matt Hardy speaking to the giraffe that houses the spirit of George Washington asking for advice, which he appears to get. We can’t tell. He speaks giraffe. Later, Matt tells Vanguard One that he’s worried about his drinking issue. Matt tells Jeff that he’s going to become the King of Gold but may lose his abilities so can he house his abilities in Brother Nero, which happens.... and Jeff has a premonition! He says that Matt is going to Egypt... and Matt teleports out.


Cody/Brandi/Moose segment

Cody and Brandi make their way down to the ring. He first addresses Bobby Lashley, who ambushed him last time, but tonight isn’t about Bobby. It’s about his wife Brandi. He then wants Moose to come out so he can thank him personally for helping his wife with her issues with Decay.

Moose’s music continues to be badass.

He thanks Moose. The big man offers up his services if they ever need anything again since they both have his number. (Cody is definitely turning heel here.) Cody asks Brandi about having Moose’s number. And now he’s already thinking there’s something else going on. He calls Moose “a slut.”

Brandi steps in and asks her husband to tell her that he’s joking. He says he is joking. (He’s not.) He kisses his wife, shakes Moose’s hand... and predictably kicks him in the balls. And then starts unleashing on him. Cross Rhodes!

Cody does the gun hand symbol and Mathews alludes to his association with the Bullet Club.


Backstage, he and Brandi are leaving as someone tries to interview him. He tells him to get away from his wife.

Eli Drake vs. Tyrus

Before the match starts, Eli cuts a promo on Tyrus reminding him that Eli is the star, not Tyrus.

When Tyrus has clear advantage early on, Eli rolls out and grabs a mic. He tells him let’s talk business because Tyrus knows what the right thing to do is. He then pokes him, implying that the big man should just lay down for him. If tells him he’ll start paying him again and they can be friends again. Tyrus isn’t having it so the match starts back up....

Well Eli decks the official instead. Tyrus still goozles Drake. Eli says he’ll give him a raise. He says he’ll shake his hand. Tyrus said that he won’t shake his hand... but he’ll give him a hug. The two hug in the ring.



Maria, Sienna, and Laurel Van Ness are getting ready for the wedding.

Back in Cameron, Matt teleports back with a golden boat and is wearing Egyptian garb. He says he’s got part of his original vessel from 780... the King of Gold. Skarsgard is now the golden arc to house all their championship title until they are declared the best tag team in all of space and team.

Rosemary/Jade segment

Jade is in the ring. She wants to take the KOs division back from that sick freak Rosemary. She calls out the champ.

The champ says she’s done with her but Jade says she’s not. She said she survived Rosemary’s Monsters Ball and she’s still standing. She issues a Last Knockouts Standing match. Rosemary accepts.


Braxton Sutter is backstage trying to work up the will to call someone. Douchey Mike Bennett rolls in. The Miracle says marriage is work. You have to admit when you’re wrong (though she never does). Sutter tells Bennett this is about Allie. Mike says that Maria said she’ll take care of that.

Bram vs. Jessie Godderz

Early on, Kingston, who is on the outside, is able to pull Jessie’s leg and allows Bram to take control. Kingston is able to get himself involved on the outside a bit more as Bram seems to have things completely in control.

Godderz able to hit a bodyslam and a blockbuster before locking in the Adonis Kingston distracts the ref but Godderz slingshots Bram into Kingston and rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

Godderz def. Bram

After the match, Godderz is able to neutralize both guys before he leaves.


The Hardys teleport to their next stop. They find the Mid-Atlantic Outlaws, who are the #1 contenders for this promotions tag titles. Matt suggests a #1 contenders match, but it looks like the rest of the locker room convince these Outlaws to let the Hardys have their shot as “their ticket out of here.”

The women are still preparing for the wedding when Allie finally shows up. Allie says she doesn’t want to be here but Maria says that’s not an option. Allie leaves and runs into Braxton. She asks him if this is what he wants to do. He says that he’s sorry but he has to. She doesn’t understand.

Meanwhile, the Hardys continue looking for the tag champs of the world, who they eventually find (named Mathis and Rage). They’ve been champs for 12 years. The people supporting the tag champs and those supporting the Hardys brawl as the champs accept the Hardys challenge.

The teams make their way to the ring. Once again, it’s a heavily edited match, though this times the Hardys take some damage. And it’s definitely longer than last weeks. One of the tag champs gets tossed in a trash receptacle and tossed down some stairs. When that happens, the Hardys are able to defeat the remaining man to become champs.

Then they teleport home and put the titles in Golden Skarsgard.


They run a video promo that has some interview about Josh Barnett.

Bad Bones vs. Josh Barnett

Lashley is on commentary.

They just said the name “Bad Bones” so it’s possible it’s spelled Bad Bonez. If that’s the case, my apologizes to Mr. Bonez.

This match has a shoot fighting style.

Barnett is doing well early, but the worst of the bones is able to get a bit of offensive in. However, he soon receives a jackknife powerbomb, a northern lights, and then Josh locks in the Kimura for the submission.

Barnett def. Bad


DJ Z vs. Trevor Lee (c) (w/Shane Helms) for the X Division title

DJ Z starts the match by diving on to Lee before he even gets into the ring. He’s hot early but his right knee is still bothering him from the past matches against Lee.

Z is slowed on a move springing off the turnbuckles and Lee catches him into a German. This allows the champ to work over the challenger and his injured knee.

But Z fights back and hits sweet reverse rana. But Helms grabs Dj’s leg, giving his protege time. DJ Z goes for the ZDT but Trevor Lee rolls him up with a handful of tights for the win.

Trevor Lee def. DJ Z retaining his title

After the match, DJ Z goes after Helms, but Lee takes him out. Shane tosses a chair to the champ who puts it on DJ Z’s leg... but here comes Andrew Everett!! He SPIKES Lee with a Rana and then hits a Shooting Star Press to fight off his former mate.


Backstage, Maria finds Sutter to ask him if he’s ready. She tells him if he’s having second thoughts, she can remind him why he’s doing this. She says he knows what will happen if he doesn’t marry Laurel.

The Wedding!

The Miracle and Braxton come out first and Bennett is already bombed because his life is sad.

And here comes Rockstar Spud and Aron Rex? Is think Spud is the flower girl. Mathews said they really wanted to be here because they love weddings and took the flower girl spot.

Next out are the bridesmaids Maria and Sienna. And then (after commercial) LVN makes her way out.

Maria gives a speech, introducing the wedding she’s planned. But first she needs her ring bearer Allie. She comes down and clearly Braxton is very taken by how she looks tonight. Maria then orders the official to begin. He starts but soon Maria hurries him along.

The crowd is hot for this segment, chanting things like “Just say no” and of course “delete.”

When asked if anyone objects, Allie tries but Sienna stops her. The crowd chants “We object” which Sienna can’t silence. Maria is upset and decides to make Allie present the rings. She trips her and continues to berate her.

Now it’s time for the “I do”s. LVN eagerly does. Braxton... takes a lot of time. Finally “I’m really sorry but I don’t.” LVN is pissed and Rex shocked. Braxton isn’t done. He says he can’t stand being around her. Plus, he’s in love with someone else. He then professes his love for Allie.

Maria is furious but Braxton has had enough. He said that she threatened to fire Allie and he’d never see her again so he had to. Maria makes good on her promise to fire Allie but Allie says she quits instead.

Then shit just breaks down. Sienna tries to hold Allie and Bennett tries to attack Sutter but Braxton decks him. Allie is able to break free and and spears Maria. Brooke runs down to neutralize Sienna for her. Robbie E comes out to take out Aron Rex. And while Laurel has a nervous breakdown in the background, Allie and Braxton kiss in the ring.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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