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Impact Wrestling taping schedule announced through August

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Impact Wrestling has announced their taping schedule for the next several months, and it marks a change from what we’re used to from the company formally known as TNA.

For one thing, filming is planned into August. Going back to the end of the Destination America-era for Impact, tapings seemed to come together at the last possible moment necessary for the promotion to fulfill their contractual television commitments - sometimes even with commentary about the financial magic tricks required to make them happen. Having several dates mapped out in advance, presumably with new owners Anthem Entertainment comfortably footing the bill, has to be refreshing for talent and Creative.

For another, the days of marathon week or ten-day long shoots seem to be a thing of the past, as well. While they’ll obviously be filming material for multiple weekly episodes at each taping, they’re only 3 - 4 day at a time. That should make for less exhausted workers and greater flexibility in booking.

Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, March 2nd – Sunday, March 5th

Thursday, April 20Th – Sunday, April 23rd

Sunday, July 2nd – Thursday, July 6th

Thursday, August 17th – Sunday, August 20th

April 20th and August 17th will feature Live episodes of Impact Wrestling.

In addition to just being a better way to make a television show, this seems like another way Jeff Jarrett and new President Ed Nordholm are looking to differentiate their Impact from the old TNA.

Question is... are you buying?

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