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TNA Impact Preview (Feb. 2, 2017): Case Payoff


TNA Impact returns tonight (Feb. 2) with another episode of their January set of tapings. As usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Will all the briefcases lead to title matches?

Tonight is Open Fight Night, when everyone who won a briefcase in the Race for the Case two weeks ago gets to pick their match and their stipulation. As a reminder of how it works, a stipulation can only be chosen once. So only one person can pick a certain type of match (i.e. cage match) or title match... I think. It was never made that clear but I’m fairly confident that’s it.

There are four men’s titles so it’s certainly possible that all four choose a title match.

Jeff Hardy gets to go first and he has been hinting that he’d like a shot at the TNA title, though this was before Lashley won it from Eddie Edwards. That being said, I can’t think of another match that Jeff (even as a team with Matt) would want to pick. Since Matt has made a claim that the Hardys should claim all the gold, taking a shot at the TNA title sounds like a wise move.

The DCC (as a unit) hold the second case and I’d be surprised if they didn’t choose a tag match for the tag titles against the Hardys. That would mean Jeff would have to pull double duty. I think that’s allowed.

Trevor Lee is almost certainly going to request an X Division match, especially after he attacked DJ Z last week after the champ retained his title in a five way, targeting his knee.

That leaves Eli Drake and most likely only leaves the Grand Championship as a men’s title for him to shoot for. While I’d totally dig heel Drew Galloway vs. heel Eli in any match, it’s possible Eli picks a different opponent. He wasn’t able to best EC3 last year so maybe he tries again with a more favorable stipulation.

2) What’s the plan for Bobby Lashley?

Last week, Bobby Lashley won a quite enjoyable 30 minute Iron Man match to reclaim the TNA championship from Eddie Edwards. So what’s next for the Destroyer?

When he last had the title, he was booked as an unstoppable monster until a somewhat fluke loss against Eddie Edwards. Do they return to that? It was quite fun when they ran with it last summer.

He may have a match tonight and I’m sure he’ll eventually rematch with Eddie Edwards. Perhaps then he’ll move to a program with Cody Rhodes (I believe he was part of this taping) as he attacked him last year.

3) How many people are feuding with Maria Kanellis?

Tonight, Sienna is facing the recently returned Brooke after she attacked the former Miss Tessmacher last week. The attack happened because Brooke had words with Maria backstage. So there’s heat there.

Obviously Maria is still feuding with Allie, who she has somehow convinced Braxton Sutter to stop seeing. Last year, Maria was also feuding Brandi Rhodes, who will be back this year. The First Lady of Wrestling has her hands full.

How all these feuds will pay off or intersect remains to be seen.

4) Are Jade and Rosemary done with each other?

Last week, Jade and Rosemary had a brutal Monster’s Ball match, which Rosemary won to retain her Knockouts title. This was the second meeting between the two, the first being in a cage.

After the match, Gail Kim came to check on Jade and ended up receiving mist in the face for her troubles. If Gail is healthy, her and Rosemary are going to be the next title feud. Gail never lost the title, instead having to relinquish it due to injury. However if she’s not ready, it’s possible that one more round with Jade is on the table. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Rosemary take a tweener role and go after Maria’s Lady Squad either.

In an YouTube exclusive, Rosemary also recently offered to take Brandi under her wing but Brandi refused so there may be something there.

(Also I think the crowd was chanting for Cody while Brandi was on the phone with him?)

5) What’s next for the Liberace Aron Rex?

You know, maybe I don’t want to know.

Impact returns tonight on Pop TV on 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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