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TNA Impact results, live blog (Feb. 2, 2017): Open Fight Night


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 2) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is Open Fight Night, where Jeff Hardy, the DCC, Trevor Lee, and Eli Drake all get to choose their own matches with unique stipulations. Plus, Sienna will face off against Brooke.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



Recap of the Iron Man match from last week.

The Broken Hardys open the show, with Jeff carrying his green briefcase. Matt reminds us that the Seven Deities have showed him endless journey of conquest and challenges. That they are mandated to be the greatest tag team of all space and all of time. And the Seven Deities will supply them with a teleportation mechanism so they can win all of the tag team gold! He calls out the Bucks of Youth, Day of New, and Family of Wyatt not having the guts to show up to Total Nonstop Deletion and if they won’t come to the Hardys, the Hardys will go to them.

Jeff says he’s challenging Bobby Lashley for the world title!

Lashley’s music plays (new music me thinks). The Destroyer says after beating Eddie last week, he is ready for war. When Bobby makes a comment about Matt being out to help steal that title, Jeff sends his brother to the back to go this alone.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley (c) for the TNA title

Josh Mathews explains that you won’t see a tag match tonight because Jeff Hardy is already in action.

Jeff takes his time at first but Lashley soon takes control of Brother Nero. Jeff is able to sidestep a charging Lashley in the corner and get some offense in, including a drop kick.

He is able to keep Lashley on the defensive with a series of drop kicks. The fight spills out to the floor as Nero hits Lashley with a double ax handle. He then sets up the ring steps for some more offense. Jeff first smacks Lashley’s head into the ring apron and the guardrail multiple times to keep the champ staggered.

Before he is able to use the steps, Lashley fights back and powerbombs Jeff on the steel steps!

Now the champ is in control, smacking the challengers head into the steps as TNA goes to break.

When Impact returns, Lashley is picking apart Jeff in the ring but Jeff soon tries to fight back. He delivers a forearm, reverse atomic drop, and his drop kick combo for a nearfall. He goes for a Twist of Fate and hits it. Jeff slowly climbs to the top for the Swanton... and hits it! 1-2-kick out!

Jeff climbs back up to the top rope and hits a second Swanton! 1-2-foot on the rope!

Lashley slides outside and Jeff follows him and tosses him into the ring steps. He then runs up the ring steps and throws his body at Lashley who’s up against the guardrail! Jeff then rolls in the ring and flips the top rope to land on Lashley but Bobby rolled out of the way and Jeff just finds the floor.

The champ tosses Nero into the ring and sets up for the spear... and hits it! 1-2-3.

Can’t beat Lashley.

Lashley def. Jeff Hardy to retain his TNA title

As Lashley is celebrating in the ring, Eddie Edwards’ music plays and the former champ walks out. He comes to the ring and grabs a mic to congratulate the champ. Lashley tells him that he doesn’t need his thank yous because he already knows how good he is. So what does he want?

Eddie asks for his rematch (he keeps calling Bobby “Triple B”). Lashley asks what the nick name is and Eddie says “Bitch Boy Bobby.” The fans chant it despite it being stupid. Lashley isn’t happy. He tells Eddie he thinks everything is a joke but the only joke was the fact Eddie was a champ.

The champ threatens to say no, but says he’ll give him the shot. He tells Eddie has has one chance but that’s it. No more shots after that. Edwards says that’s all he needs.


Backstage, Tyrus and Eli Drake are asked who they plan on challenging. Tyrus doesn’t say, but he does say they plan on shocking the world.

They show Brandi Rhodes backstage, confronted once again by Rosemary. Brandi tells her that this isn’t going to happen. Rosemary touches Rhodes’ face to silence her (which Brandi was not happy about) and tells her that they think she has much potential and just needs guidance. Once again, Brandi denies her and asks Rosemary just to leave her alone. Rosemary tells her that “we decide when this is over, not you.”


Aron Rex is being driven around by Rockstar Spud backstage. Spud rolls out a carpet for Rex and they walk off.

Sienna (with Maria) vs. Brooke

Brooke runs in the ring and takes the fight immediatley to Sienna. She goes for a suplex but Sienna pushes her off. She charges her in the corner but Brooke dodges and face plants Sienna for a nearfall.

Maria tries to get involved and Brooke chases her around the ring. But when she gets back into the ring, Sienna lays her out with a clothesline. Sienna has the advantage.

Sienna tosses Brooke outside and distracts the ref so Maria can get some boots in. Back in the ring, Maria distracted Earl Hebner from the apron and Sienna chokes her with a piece of fabric (I think).

Brooke fights out of the AK 47 and starts delivering some forearms to Sienna. Brooke locks in a chancery. Sienna fights out but Brooke hits a neckbreaker. She goes up to the top rope, but while the ref is distracted, Maria shoves her.

Sienna hits the Silencer for the win.

Sienna def. Brooke via pinfall

Maria gets in the face of Brooke while she’s down.


Backstage, James Storm says soon everyone will know the plan for the DCC.

They show a video of Aron Rex getting his makeup put on. Spud yells at the makeup artist as Rex covers his ears because he hates confrontation. Rockstar tells Rex his schedule for the day.

The DCC are in the ring to reveal their plan for their briefcase. Storm challenges Decay to a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Decay vs. DCC in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Rosemary is out with Decay, but Mathews makes it sound like she’s not part of the match, so this appears to be a 3 on 2 match.

There’s a lot of brawling outside early.

Bram sets up a tablet between the apron and the guard rail. Storm tries to powerbomb Steve through but he escapes before they can do it.

Abyss is double teamed in the crowd by Bram and Storm. He fights back against them as Kingston runs in. Steve climbs into the crowd and drops off the rail onto all members of DCC. He goes for a cover on one of the DCC but only gets a 2 count.

Abyss grabs Kingston and takes him back to the ring, leaving the others in the crowd for now. Abyss grabs the tacks and Steve grabs the barbed wire board. Abyss tries to chokelsam Kingston into the barbed wire, but Kingston goes low to escape. He goes to the top rope but Rosemary mists him! Then Abyss chokeslams him into the tacks!

Steve goes for the cover but Storm breaks it up! Abyss gets a Lung Blower from Storm. Storm also lays out Steve. Abyss tries to chokeslam Storm through the barbed wire but Bram hits him with a bottle and Storm superkicks him into the barbed wire.

After a series built around the table, Bram piledrives Steve through the table and Storm picks up the pinfall.

DCC def. Decay


Backstage, Maria and Mike Bennett run into Braxton. They wish him congratulations and Sutter said “Oh for surviving that horrible date with Laurel.” Maria says she hears wedding bells because he’s going to propose to Laurel. And if he doesn’t, he knows what will happen to Allie. Bennett tells Sutter he’s going to throw him the biggest bachelor party of all time.


Grand Champion Drew Galloway makes his way to the ring. He says that he said he’s going to make the Grand Championship bigger than the TNA title and he knows that people aren’t 100% sold on this title yet. And it’s because he was injured when it was initially introduced. He says he’ll put this title on the line in any company in any country.

Moose’s music plays. From the entryway, he says that Drew earned himself an ass whooping after last week. He gets into the ring and Drew slides out. He says that he said that this title needs something new, not another Moose/Drew match. He already has an opponent who he’s giving a chance.

It’s some dude named Rob Ryson instead!

Drew Galloway (c) vs. Rob Ryson for the Grand Championship

Round One: Drew slaps the guy and then guy comes out with fists. But then Galloway nails him with a big boot and then unloads some punches on the man. Galloway is just kicking this guy’s ass.

Ryson gets a punch in but gets a piledriver for his troubles. Then a Future Shock. 1-2-3.

Drew Galloway wins via pinfall


Backstage, Shane Helms is with Trevor Lee saying he’s going to make his challenge next.

Trevor Lee and Shane Helms comes to the ring. Lee says DJ Z has been ducking him for too long but now he has the briefcase so he has the power. He says he knows DJ Z has a bad knee but get out here anyway. Shane Helms says that it’s not just a title match for the X Division title but it’s a ladder match.

DJ Z (c) vs. Trevor Lee in a ladder match for the X Division title

DJ Z limps to the ring.

DJ Z is able to get get Lee out of the ring early and went to grab a ladder. Lee runs back into the ring and tries to baseball slide into the ladder, but Z avoids it and knocks Trevor down with the ladder.

Lee pulls the ladder out of the ring and goes back in to go after Z. DJ kicks the rope as Lee is climbing in and spring boards over the ropes onto the challenger.

The champ gets the ladder in the ring but Lee grabs his back leg (right) and slams it against the ladder. He sets it up and climbs for the title, but DJ Z is able to knock it down.

Shane Helms distracts DJ Z and Lee nails him with a punch. Trevor climbs back up butZ pulls him down. But once again, Lee goes after the bad leg of the champ, including using the weapon on the bad leg.

As he’s about to crush DJ’s leg in the ladder, the champ kicks Trevor back. he sets the ladder up and slowly starts to climb it. Trevor is quickly up and meets him up top of the ladder. They exchange blows and the champ knocks Trevor does. Trevor goes to grab the champ but the champ hits a ZDT from the ladder.

The champ climbs back up the ladder. Helms grabs a chair and hands it to his protege. Lee nails the bad leg of Z with the chair, knocking him down. He then puts the chair over the leg and the ladder on the other side of the chair, trapping Z.

As the champ can do nothing but watch, Trevor Lee climbs the ladder and grabs the title.

Trevor Lee wins the X Division title


Tyrus and Eli are backstage. Tyrus says that he probably has the greatest surprise match in the history. And that’s next.

One more Aron Rex segment. Spud sings Aron Rex’s name when Robbie E interrupts. He tells Rex they have unfinished business. He challenges them to a match. Rex says it’ll happen next week.


Eli Drake and Tyrus are in the ring. Tyrus tells Drake he picked this one himself but it’s not the one they talked about. It’s EC3.

EC3 is in this regular clothes which is great. Tyrus makes a comment that he says Carter walking with a walker earlier. Carter is walking a bit gingerly.

Carter takes off his shirt to show a nasty bruise on his right size. Straight nasty.

EC3 vs. Eli Drake

Drake knocks Carter from behind, starting the match. Drake starts off fast but Carter his a back body drop. However, he soon runs into a knee of Eli Drake, who starts laying in to EC3 as Impact goes to break.

When Impact returns, Eli Drake is beating up EC3 on the outside. Drake then grabs a bat but gets kicked prior to being able to use it. However back in the ring, Drake keys on the bruised area of Ethan.

Carter tries to fight back but Drake nails him with a back breaker.

Finally, Carter is able to come out of an Irish Whip into the corner with a clothesline and both men are down. When they get to their feet, Carter hits a chinbreaker. He goes for his EC3 Splash but now it’s Drake who hits a bit clothesline.

After a quick exchange, EC3 gets a jackknife cover for the 1-2-3!

Carter def. Drake

Drake gets the baseball bat and lays into the EC3 and then hits an inverted Stunner. But that’s not enough. Drake continues to use the bat on Carter.

The lights go out.

And the DCC are in the ring surrounding everyone... and now they lay the boots into EC3! And then they attack Drake and Tyrus! Tyrus fights back for a bit but not for long.

Carter then gets a piledriver (assisted by Kingston) from Bram onto a steel chair.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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