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TNA Impact ratings (Feb. 16, 2017): Numbers bounce back


The viewership totals and ratings are in for last night’s line up (Feb. 16) and TNA Impact’s ratings and viewership bounced back from their poor showing last week. The viewership total was up to 325K (from 252K the week prior). The rating number was back at 0.07 after a week of dropping to 0.05.

It’s unclear why last week had such a poor showing. The rating is back to its usual 0.07 and this is the highest total number of viewers for the last couple of months.

While nothing major was advertised, this was the episode where Josh Barnett made his first appearance on Impact. He wasn’t technically advertised, but the spoilers were out there and TNA advertised “A Blast from the Past” for Lashley, hinting this would be the debut episode. While the segment wasn’t great, perhaps he had effect. Plus the Hardy brothers had a tag match against Psicosis and Super Crazy in Tijuana, and that could have impacted the numbers as well.

The Lashley/Barnett title match is two weeks away. But next week they advertised the return of Cody Rhodes to the Impact Zone.

  • This week: 325K / 0.07
  • February 9: 252K / 0.05
  • February 2: 299K / 0.07
  • January 26: 307K / 0.07
  • January 19: 310K / 0.07

You can read a recap of last night’s episode here.

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