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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Feb. 16, 2017): Hardys in Tijuana!


TNA Impact is back tonight (Feb. 16) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight the Broken Hardys will face Psicosis and Super Crazy in Tijuana for another set of tag titles. Plus, Eddie Edwards is looking to fight Davey Richards, someone from Lashley’s past shows up, Moose & Brandi Rhodes will face Decay, and we check in out Laurel Van Ness’ bachelorette party.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



The show opens with a recap of the teleporting Hardys.

Then a video package of the Wolves split from last week.

Rosemary and Crazzy Steve (w/Abyss) vs. Moose and Brandi Rhodes

It looks to start with Rosemary and Brandi but Steve leans in and whispers to Rosemary saying he wants Moose. Rosemary tags him in.

You’d think they’d have chosen Abyss to match size but I don’t question the chaos of Decay.

Steve has an early flurry, utilizing Rosemary raking his back when he’s close to her corner, but he fights back. He finds himself outside, though, and Abyss attacks him as Steve distracts the referee. Brandi continues to yell at the ref for what’s going on, continually distracting him.

Back in the ring, Steve works over Moose a bit but the big man fightsback. When he hits the ropes, Abyss grabs the foot to allow Steve to continue at the big man.

Finally, Moose gets Steve in a one armed powerbomb... AND POWERBOMBS HIM ONTO ABYSS OUTSIDE!

Rosemary jumps on the back of Moose, which brings Brandi in. Brandi hits some chops and then a missile drop kick from the second rope. Steve comes in to check on Rosemary but both just end up get Moose punches from their gender comparative opponent.

Moose hits his Discus Clothesline on Steve for the 1-2-3.

Moose and Brandi Rhodes def. Steve and Rosemary


Backstage, Eddie Edwards walks by a camera man and says “I’m not here to talk. I’m here to beat Davey Richards ass.”

Backstage, Moose and Brandi are talking about their match. Brandi thanks Moose. He tells her if anyone messes, give him a call.

Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards/Angelina Love segment

Eddie Edwards walks with a purpose to the ring and grabs a mic. He says he’s here to beat Davey Richards’ ass. He said last week was a low point in his life because his friend turned his back on me and had his wife attacked. And that’s just too much.

However he doesn’t get Davey. He gets Angelina Love. She tells Eddie that he gets Davey when she says so. She asks him where was he when Davey broke his leg. Where was he when she was nine months pregnant and she was helping him hobble around? He was going to try to win the world title.

She then introduces the American Wolf Davey Richards. Davey claims he made Eddie, that he chose him to be his partner. Richards says to turn around and walk around or he’ll expose him.

But Eddie runs to the ramp and the two men start brawling until security pulls them apart. Eddie gets free, grabs the mic, and challenges him to an Anything Goes Street Fight tonight.


They show Braxton Sutter and Mike Bennett at a club/party. Bennett says he invited all of his best friends, to which Sutter says he doesn’t know anybody. The Miracle introduces all of his super loser party friends. It’s like the worst of a frat party.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are in Tijuana, having found the wrestling venue. He asks to find the promoter to secure the tag team championships. They find a man who is in a luchador mask and they speak Spanish to him. He informs them he speaks English and points them towards the promoter.

We see the ladies for the bachelorette party. Allie has set up balloons and pink table clothes, which Maria hates. Allie doesn’t know what she’s setting up this party for. Maria breaks it to her that it’s a bachelorette party for Laurel Van Ness, who’s marrying Sutter. Allie is suddenly sad.

Kingston vs. Jessie Godderz

It’s even early on, with Jessie getting an advantage with a good looking drop kick. However Kingston soon hits a modified uranage to take control of the match.

Kingston gets Godderz in a bear hug, but Jessie boxes the ears to free up. He hits a splash in the corner and a blockbuster for a 2 count. He hits an Angle Slam and Kingston tries to roll out to the apron.

Kingston pulls Jessie’s neck down against the rope and then hits an STO for a 2 count. Kingston misses a back fist and Jessie goes for the Crab. Kingston fights out but Jessie stays on the advantage with an enziguri. Godderz rolls out, hits a springboard forearm, and pins Kingston.

Jessie def. Kingston

The lights go out and the other 2 DCC members are in the ring, but Godderz had made his way to the ring apron before the lights came back on.


Braxton is still at the worst party ever. One of Bennett’s druggie friends tries to hang out with him, prompting Sutter to try to leave. Bennett says that Maria told him to throw a party so he’s throwing a party. Plus otherwise, he’d have to go home. One of Miracles drunk jumps on the druggie guy.

We learn that Tyrus will be hosting Fact of Life next.

Back with the Lady Squad, Maria is hating the decorations. Allie has a pinata, but that doesn’t change her mood. Neither does the fun party horns. Meanwhile, Sieanna just wants to pen the liquor.

The Fact of Life with Tyrus

He immediately introduces “not my friend’ Eli Drake.

Drake’s arm is in a sling.

Drake takes the mic and says that while the fans don’t deserve to hear him speak but he needs to give Tyrus the truth. Tyrus didn’t ask him about the 2 on 3 last week. He picked EC3 instead of picking something like a title.

Drake tells him that when he pays Tyrus, Tyrus does what he says. He’s the man who wrestles main events, Tyrus is the man who watch them. He tells the big man he’s on his set and he owns him.

Tyrus grabs Drake and tells him that no one owns him. He’ll see him in the ring next week.


Back in Mexcio, someone tells the promoter that the Hardys are here. The promoter says he doesn’t have the money to pay him but is informed they don’t want money. Just a title match.

The promoter is Konnan! He grants them the match, but confirms he doesn’t have to pay them. He then instructs his assistant to get out there and make some bootleg stuff to sell.


At the bachelorette party, Maria asks Allie if she got something for Laurel. Allie did not but Maria gave her a gift instead, lingerie\, which Braxton will love. She tells Allie she’s the ring bearer for next week, and the tosses some cake in her face before leaving with the rest of the ladies.

Back in Tijuana, the Hardys are getting ready for their match. Matt tells Vanguard One to map out their exit for when they when the titles.

The ref is blurred out since he’s an LU ref and they didn’t allow him to be showed on TV.

The Broken Hardys vs. Psicosis and Super Crazy

They show clips of action, such as Matt knocking instead of showing this as a full match. We also see Vanguard One meeting with a bunch of women in the locker room.

The Hardys win when Matt hits a Twist of Fate and Jeff a Swanton on Psicosis for the 1-2-3.

They quickly run backstage to leave while elsewhere, Konnan tries to run to stop them because they’re going to take the belts. However, they teleport out before Konnan can find them. They find themselves back in the Dome of Deletion in Cameron.

There, Matt has a premonition that he will revert to his Egyptian roots to become the King in Gold.

Next week, they try to win Mid Atlantic’s tag titles.


Sienna (w/Maria) vs. Brooke

She chases down Maria outside before even getting in the ring. Sienna meets her outside but Brooke is able to block her hit and get some those in outside. However, when Brooke was entering the ring, Maria grabbed her leg. That allowed Sienna to get some brief control.

However, Brooke hit a drop kick and was still able to maintain control. After some sustained offense, Sienna wheel barrow tosses Brooke. She follows up with a submission.

Maria gets involved briefly on the outside while Sienna distracts the ref. Then Maria distracts the ref Sienna chokes Brooke with work out tape.

Brooke fires up for a bit, but Sienna extinguishes that with a Samoan Drop that nets her a 2 count. When Sienna is in the corner, Brooke hits a face buster. Maria jumps on the apron to get Sienna’s attention. She does and it leads to a fallaway slam from Sienna. And then a second.

Sienna sets up for the AK 47, but Brooke slides out and rolls up Sienna for the 1-2-3.

Brooke def. Sienna


At the bachelor party, Sutter is looking to leave. He tells Mike he’ll tell everyone he had a good time and won’t mention the dude that died earlier. One guy wants to put on a porn but Bennett says he has a better idea. He then introduces Roxy, who was a less than impressive stripper that had Bennett instead reconsider the porno.

Backstage, Eli Drake talks into the camera to Tyrus. He threatens to do the same thing to Tyrus as he did to EC3 weeks ago.

Lashley/Josh Barnett segment

Lashley comes to the ring. For some reason, his shirt is ripped. Maybe it’s by design but it’s weird.

He calls himself the baddest man on the planet. The champ says there’s no one that can hang with him in wrestling or MMA.

Music plays and Josh Barnett comes to the ring. The crowd doesn’t sound like they know who he is. (I don’t really know who he is.) Barnett tells him that he’s not living up to the expectations though. (Really? He’s not.) He says he’s disappointed in Lashley. He says he needs to get into that ring to make sure Bobby is being who he should.

Lashley puts over Barnett, but he tells there aren’t rules in pro-graps like there is in MMA. He advises him to take his ass to the back and have a seat... Barnett tries to lock in an armbar which Lashley escapes from.

Bobby is now pissed and he wants to fight. Barnett convinces him to put the belt up in said fight.


Poor Braxton is still stuck at his bachelor party while everyone else is passed out. He finally tries to sneak out. He sees Bennett is passed out so puts his arm around the unappealing stripper and takes a picture before he leaves and makes sure to text it to Maria.

Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards in a Street Fight

I don’t understand why they’re having this match this week when they just broke up last week.

Angelina comes out first and tells Eddie he must have a death wish and then introduces the America Wolf, who slides in to the ring from behind and clubs Eddie from behind.

They fight outside, with Davey in control until he misses a kick and finds himself hung up on the guardrail. Then it’s Eddie who tosses Davey around. But Eddie misses a chop and hits his hand on the post.

After a break, Davey is working the hand of Eddie with a chair. However as he’s shouting at the fans, Eddie comes flying out of the corner with a clothesline. He knocks Davey out of the ring and hits a suicide dive so big that he lands in the crowd.

Eddie grabs a chair, but Angelina gets in with one of her own. Eddie drops his for some dumb reason and of course Davey picks it up and hits him with it. As Davey is going to hit a rather defenseless Eddie with Angelina by his side, Eddie wife runs down and jumps on Davey. However Angelina lays her out with a single hit.

She then handcuffs Eddie’s wife to the rope and asks Davey for the chair. Eddie covers his wife so Davey takes the chair and just unloads on Eddie. Then Angelina sets one chair on the top of Eddie’s head and Davey hits another chair on top of it.

Earl Hebner gets a kick in the balls and it’s Angelina that counts the 1-2-3. She then makes out with Davey on top of the fallen Edwards.

The match technically didn’t have a finish


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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