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TNA Impact Preview (Feb. 16, 2017): Blast from the Past


TNA Impact returns tonight (Feb. 16) with follow up to the teleporting Hardys and likely, the broken Wolves. Here are our five questions about tonight’s offering.

1) Are the Hardys really going to win other promotions tag titles?

Last week, we learned that the Hardys know how to teleport.

They used Vanguard One to teleport and found themselves in Tijuana. Then they started asking for Mexico’s tag team champions. This week, they find them in Psicososis and Super Crazy.

We will get an off site match in another promotion between the Broken Hardys and these tag champs, which could be really cool. It’s a bit different than the Broken Universe off site events of the past because it’s dealing with a different wrestling promotion.

I’d assume they win the titles, but are promotions really going to allow the Hardys to waltz in and win their company’s tag titles? Maybe if they agree to come by and defend them once a month or so and can draw a crowd.

Perhaps this feeds into a bigger questions: What’s the end game? There’s no team in TNA to challenge this team so where do they go from here? Are they going to end up facing the Young Bucks? Is there an idea of where this angle ends up?

We have plenty to wait and see about, but if you enjoy the Broken Hardys, this should be fun.

2) How involved Eddie Edwards’ wife going to be in the Wolves break up?

Last week, Davey Richards finally turned on Eddie Edwards, costing him a chance to win the title in a rematch against Bobby Lashley. To make matters more interesting, both men’s wives were at ringside watching. And when Davey turned on Eddie, Angelina Love (Richards’ wife) decked Eddie’s wife.

Then, Love held her down in the ring making her watch Davey choke out her husband. It was some sadistic stuff.

Apparently, Eddie’s wife is a wrestler so perhaps they spin this into a mixed tag. Obviously, we’ll want to see Eddie vs. Davey one on one when it’s all said and done, but it could work to make it more personal to get their wives involved as well.

It continues tonight when Eddie calls out Davey, not for answers but for a fight.

3) Is Brandi going to end up going one on one with Rosemary eventually?

Tonight, Brandi Rhodes and Moose will face Rosemary and another member of Decay (likely Abyss given the size match up) in a mixed tag match. Rosemary had been trying to recruit Brandi into decay, but Ms. Rhodes is too strong willed to even consider the offer.

Normally, the story would end in a one on one match and this one surely may. Brandi is still new to the squared circle, which is why we’ll likely get more of the men than the women tonight. But if it comes to a singles match, Rosemary is experience enough where she could help Brandi through a decent, though likely short, match.

4) Who is Lashley’s blast from the past?

Impact is advertising someone from Lashley’s MMA past coming to take care of business they have with the TNA champ.

I actually know who this is. I don’t read the spoilers but this is one that popped up on my Twitter feed. So I’ll let you all do the speculations. I’ll ease your minds and let you know it’s not Tito Ortiz nor Rampage Jackson.

5) How awkward is the Bachelorette party going to be?

Next week, is the big Laurel Van Ness/Braxton Sutter wedding, which will likely serve as a payoff to at least this part of the Allie/Maria angle. Tonight, we get both the bachelor party and the bachelorette party, hopefully in off-site taped angles.

The forced marriage is still silly and this portion of the angle will likely hinge on the reasoning they come up with for Maria having such control over Sutter. But that’s to judge next week. This week is going to be dumb fun.

The bachelor party is likely going to be funny because Mike Bennett has been hilarious in his backstage segments with Braxton Sutter.

As for the bachelorette party, that may be a bit more cruel. Because Maria is going to use it to torture Allie, who is forced to go. And of course, Allie really cares for Braxton (and the feeling is mutual) but it’s Maria’s who’s pulling the strings to make this wedding happen.

TNA Impact airs tonight on Pop TV on 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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