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Jeff Jarrett is returning to TNA because of course he is

The new TNA got a bit of the old TNA in it already.

Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles AEW TNA Impact wrestling news

Anthem is purchasing a majority stake of TNA. Dixie Carter has stepped down. It’s time for a new era of Impact Wrestling, but maybe only sort of, as one of the first major moves made by the new regime was to bring back part of the old one. Jeff Jarrett is returning to TNA as an “Executive Consultant,” which sure sounds like a role with no definitive sense of power or involvement.

More specifically, it’s the kind of role that could just be Jarrett giving some advice and ideas to the people actually running things, or, it’s a stepping stone to him having more and more say with what’s going on with Impact on a week-to-week basis. We’ll just have to see how it shakes out.

Jarrett, of course, was a founder of TNA when it first formed back in 2002, and left the company in 2013. He no longer has an ownership stake in TNA, as Dixie Carter bought his shares away from him (and, even though she’s stepped down, still has five percent of the company to her name). He’s here to help them make decisions and shape the future of the company, though, and that could be a decent thing given his experience in the industry, but is also a bit concerning given that a whole lot has changed in the wrestling industry and there are plenty of new (or newer) players with new(er) ideas to choose from.

The former Zeb Colter aka Dutch Mantel was also hired as an Executive Consultant, which is probably a good sign if you’re one of the people who doesn’t want Jarrett having too much of a say. If they have the same title, then Jarrett might not be in an exclusive position to influence creative. That, or we’re going to see a lot more giant mustaches and broken guitars on Impact, and soon.

Realistically, though, things are probably fine so long as no one gives Vince Russo or Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan a call. Jarrett doesn’t sound so bad when thrown up against those dudes, huh?

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