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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Jan. 5, 2017): Eddie Edwards defends his title!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Jan. 5, 2017) live from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is the first night of their set of tapings. Eddie Edwards will defend his title but the match type and opponent(s) are unknown. Plus, the Broken Hardys will join Eli Drake on the Fact of Life!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



Eddie Edwards/Bobby Lashley/EC3 segment

Show starts with Josh Mathews and the Pope standing next to the ring with microphones talking up the Anthem deal as a new beginning.

Eddie Edwards’ music plays and the champ comes down to the ring. He says he is humbled and honored to usher in the new year as the TNA champion. But he knows that puts the target on his back. He wants to make 2017 the year of Impact Wrestling. And he’s come with a surprise... but before he goes on, he’s interrupted by Bobby Lashley.

Bobby says no one wants to hear that crap, that the only surprise is that Eddie is champ headed into 2017. He’s upset after that travesty in Cameron and he wants a title shot tonight.

EC3 is next to join the fray. He has a couple jokes for the other two before moving onto the fact that he wants back what he won a year ago today. He wants his rematch tonight as well.

As Lashley takes exception that, Edwards interrupts and says he’ll just do a triple threat tonight. But he still has a surprise for tonight to come.


Moose (c) vs. Mike Bennett (w/Maria) in a Grand Championship match

Round One: Early on, things are rather even. Bennett kicks Moose’s leg, bringing him to a knee an then kicks him again in the face. Then he lands some punches as Moose is down. He follows up with a headlock. Moose soon turns it around with a shoulder tackle. There’s an odd collision in the ring - may have been Moose going for a spear and Bennett getting a knee up. Bennett comes out on top of the exchange on top and locks in another headlock as time expires.

Mike Bennett wins the round by split decision

Round Two: Moose comes out quick and hits a one armed powerbomb on his opponent. He soon hits another powerbomb, a senton, and a moonsault from the top rope! That earns him a 2 count. He looks to go for a clothesline but Miracle lands a superkick. As Moose tries for something else, Mike hits another cutter. Moose goes for a shoulder block but Miracle reverses into a Stunner for a 2 count.

Bennett continues the offense with an elbow to the face. And then another. And a third! He gets Moose in a Fireman’s and then Moose hits a big clothesline but the time expires before he can go for the cover.

Moose wins the round by split decision

Round Three: Winner of this round takes it.

Moose comes out with a splash in the corner and a Go To Hell Powerbomb immediately! Two count!

Moose then runs up to the top rope and goes for another moonsault... miss! Miracle hits a piledriver! 1-2... kick out! Then men just trade blows in the middle of the ring as the clock approaches one minute left.

As Bennett is sitting on the top rope, Moose drop kicks him! But Miracle follows up with a drop kick! Both men down! 10 seconds left... end of round. This is going to be a close one.

Moose wins the round by split decision retaining his title


Hornswoggle is backstage and he comes across Vanguard One and the Broken Hardys! Matt asks if he was sent to Total Nonstop Deletion by his father Vince Meek Mahan. Swoggle tells him that that wasn’t real. He’s not his father which Matt finds WONDERFUL and he and Jeff leave. Swoggle looks at VG1 and says “Looks like we’re the only normal ones around here, huh?”

Rockstar Spud comes out and says 2017 is going to be his year and he calls out the man who turned his back on him at Total Nonstop Deletion.

Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle

The match starts with Spud making fun of Swoggle’s height. Then he pushes him over. But as he’s playing up the crowd, Swoggle spears him and then hits a German Suplex. Celtic Cross! 1-2-3!

Swoggle def. Rockstar Spud via pinfall

After the match, Spud gets back on the mic, flipping out that he lost. He rants about losing to a one year old boy and then to a man that looks like a one year old boy. He quits!


Backstage, Mike Bennett is pissed, looking for Moose. He finds him and tells him that what happened tonight was crap. He wants him one on one, anything goes tomorrow night on the PPV. Lashley accepts.

Eli Drake is back with some cue cards saying he’s up next, hits the Dummy button, and peaces.

The Fact of Life with the Broken Hardys

Eli Drake is in the ring with his Fact of Life podium. He puts over his show and then tells EC3 that this isn’t over. He’ll never stop coming for him. He then introduces the Broken Hardys.

Reby places them out on the piano and they’re both in full broken garb. The titantron is the Matt Hardy face entrance from TND. Jeff sings the Obsolete song completely out of tune.

Drake tells them that TND was something completely different. He said they almost had a big hit on their hand but they were missing one thing... E-Li Drake. Matt tells him he had an invite... every one did! Maybe he was afraid like MeekMahan’s Day of New.

Drake says he isn’t a jumping jabrone like anyone there. He needs a personal invite. Jeff mocks him, asking if he needs to be held, but tells him that the Hardy violence is eternal.

Eli says they didn’t invite him because he would have made it Total Nonstop “Dummy Yeah.” Matt gets pissed that Drake is questioning his magic. Eli then says they should put those titles on the line tomorrow night at One Night Only against him and a partner of his choosing. Matt accepts the challenge. They then have a “Delete” “Obsolete” “Yeah” duel that ends with Drake going for a cheap shot but the Hardys getting the better of him.


Eddie Edwards cut a promo backstage about how he’s going to retain the title tonight. He’s asked about the surprise when Lashley comes by and says it’ll be easier for Eddie to just give him the title now.

They play some clips from tag team apocalypto.

Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett (w/Shane Helms) vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss w/Rosemary)

They play a backstage interview where Helms says that he didn’t remember anything after going into the Lake of Reincarnation.

Decay has new music. That’s a bit disappointing.

Early on in the ring, both members of the Dynasty work on Steve. Lee gets back on the apron but Steve is in trouble as the Dynasty employ quick tags.

Steve finally gets himself the tag to Abyss who comes out hot. He goes for a double chokeslam but both men fight out. However, they do get a double clotheslined instead. Helms gets in the ring looking to go for a chokeslam, but Abyss shrugs him off. Rosemary jumps on apron to mist Helms.

Everett jumps on the top rope as to springboard, but Abyss catches him and chokeslams him from the top rope for the 1-2-3.

Decay def. the Helms Dyansty

Post match, the lights go off and when they come back, DCC are standing behind them in the ring. They break beer bottles over the heads of Steve and Abyss.


Maria is showing Allie, who is still her assistant, her win over Laurel Van Ness. Maria informs Allie to go put her boots and kneepads on to meet her in the ring because she has something special for her.

Maria is in the ring alongside Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. While she’s ready to kill it in 2017, there’s the smallest of issues she needs to take care of first: Allie. She orders her to :get her stupid ass out here.”

Allie comes down to the ring and Maria runs her down because everything Allie has done has ruined Maria’s life. She says that she’s smarter than Allie and she owns her. She says she has a ref and Sienna is right here so is she too scared? Allie says “Bring it on!” and we have a match.

Allie vs. Sienna

Allie comes out hot but Sienna shoves her back and hits her with a big boot. Sienna follows up with for forearms. She’s in total control early on.

But she misses a splash in the corner and then follows up with a corner clothesline.

Braxton runs down to cheer on his student. Meanwhile in the ring, Allie hits a running drop kick on Sienna for a 2 count. Allie tries for a slam but Sienna blocks her and hits a fallaway slam instead.

Sienna continues to work on her opponent but Allie to kick out of the pinfall attempts.

Outside, Laurel is getting all close to Braxton, which distracts Allie. Sienna hits a shoulder block but Allie still kicks out. Now Allie is angry and even more so after Sieanna spits in her face! She lands a slap and then starts with some running clotheslines. Two don’t knock down Sienna though.

Allie runs up to the second rope and performs a body block and then a body slam! Meanwhile, Laurel is continuing her BS outside the ring. This distracts Allie enough for Sienna to hit the Silencer for the 1-2-3.

Sienna def. Allie via pinfall


EC3 vs. Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards (c) for the TNA title

The match starts with Lashley dominating both men... because he’s Lashley. Soon EC3 and Eddie Edwards decide to both work on Lashley. He go for a double suplex, but instead Lashley suplexes both men at the same time!

He goes after both of them but they pull the rope down and Lashley falls onto the floor. They decide to continue going at Lashley instead of fighting each other. They both hit Bobby with some chops.

Back in the ring, Eddie and Ethan are still working on Bobby. They clothesline him onto the floor and Eddie and Carter stare each other down as Impact goes to break.

They return and EC3 and the champ are locked up. Lashley is stirring on the outside. As he attempts to get in, Carter knocks him back down to the floor. He tries again and Eddie knocks him down.

EC3 looks to German Eddie but Lashley runs in and just Germans both of them. Because he’s Lashley.

He then starts taking the fight to EC3 and when he feels good about that, then Eddie Edwards. Lashley rips of the padding of one of the upper turnbuckles... and then the middle one.

When he goes to grab Edwards, he receives a chin breaker but then elbows Edwards to the mat. He tries to shove him in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle but Edwards slides and hits him with a kick. EC3 hits him with one of his own. Eddie and Carter finally deliver that double suplex to the Destroyer.

Eddie and Ethan exchange chops in the middle. Lashley runs at them but the deliver a double set of chops to the Destroyer and then go back at each other.

Carter hits a drop kick to Edwards from the second rope. He goes for a German but Eddie lands on his feet and hits Blue Thunder Bomb that Lashley needs to break up. Bobby hits a dominator to Eddie. He goes to EC3 but Carter hits a big Cutter!

Carter then splashes Eddie in the corner. He sets him up on the top rope and climbs up to set up a superplex. But Lashley gets involved for a Tower of Doom! Lashley is up but the other two are down.

Bobby sets up for the spear on Carter but EC3 lands and elbow. He starts working over Lashley with some elbows and a throw. He calls for the One Percenter. Eddie tries to break it up and gets a back body drop. EC3 then hits the TK3 on Lashley but the Destroyer kicks out at 2.

Eddie goes for the chin checker on Carter but Carter reverses it into his sleeper. Lashley spears both men into the corner of the exposed turnbuckle (EC3 took the brunt). Lashley goes out onto the floor and spears EC3 again!

Eddie is back in the ring and hits a suicide dive on Lashley! He tosses the Destroyer back in the ring but Lashley hits a spear to the champ! Eddie rolls onto the floor. Bobby grabs the champ and tosses him back in the ring and then grabs the title. The ref tries to stop him but here’s Davey Richards! He takes the title from Bobby. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party! 1-2-3!

Eddie Edwards retains his title


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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