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TNA Impact Preview (Jan. 5, 2017): A New Regime

TNA Wrestling Twitter

TNA Impact returns tonight (Jan. 5) with a live show, the first in their set of tapings. As usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) Who will challenge for the TNA title?

Eddie Edwards will be defending his TNA title tonight, but we don’t know against whom. Looking at the advert, the three possibilities are former champions EC3, Bobby Lashley, and a mystery figure.

Will Edwards get to pick like Lashley did when Edwards beat him for the title? Will he have have to fight all of them at once? Will the three fight each other earlier in the evening for a right to face Edwards?

Most importantly (and most fun) is wondering the identity of the mystery man. There’s little more fun in wrestling than guessing a mystery opponent. Possible it’s a new debut. Maybe it’s Davey Richards, setting up a Wolf vs. Wolf feud.

Little is known and they are looking to do that on purpose. More intrigue to get people to turn into the first show of 2017.

2) Will there be any title changes?

Obvious the above title is on the line and there’s certainly a chance Eddie walks out of the Impact Zone empty handed tonight. When Eddie won the title, it was sudden and on the first episode of a taping.

Pop TV ran a commercial last week that made it look like the Grand Championship is on the line, but the TNA twitter hasn’t announced that and as of writing this, neither has the TNA website. Impact loves to run title matches on the new shows so it’s possible Moose, DJ Z, or Rosemary may have to defend their gold.

3) How will Eli Drake handle the Hardys?

With his voice returned to him, Eli Drake is back hosting his Fact of Life talk show. (Man, was that no talking angle a let down.) Drake’s first guests of 2017? The Broken Hardys.

Eli Drake likes to have control of his talk show, but no one can control the Hardys. Matt Hardy is in a league of his own with his Broken brilliance so it will be interesting to see how he and Drake interact, if Eli has any clue what Matt is even saying. And of course, we get to find out what is next for the Hardy brothers in TNA.

4) Will there be a different feel creatively?

Since the last TNA taping, both Billy Corgan and head writer Dave Lagana has left the company. As of last night, it was officially announced that Anthem (the owners of Fight Network) has taken over control of TNA. How will this all affect the on screen product?

For the most part, the company had a solid creative year last year, with some good long term stories, characters, and of course the Broken genius of Matt Hardy. Will they be able to improve on that or will things take a step back with the new regime? Rumor has it that we won’t see major changes until this spring. But the creative team is different right now so there could be difference in feel already.

5) Will we see any new talent?

A new taping is always a time for new debuts. While the Anthem news won’t have much impact for tomorrow since the news was less than a day prior, TNA is still a good destination for non-WWE talent. (It will be curious to see what a financial stability brings talent wise in the future.)

Who would you all like to see show up in the Impact Zone in the future? Sound off in the comments with your TNA fantasy books.

TNA Impact airs tonight on Pop TV at 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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