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Bobby Lashley confident Bound for Glory will happen: ‘Dixie is not broke’

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A positive sign for the immediate future of TNA is how the hype train for Sunday, Oct. 2’s Bound for Glory hasn’t slowed.

Count the man who will defend his World championship in two days against Ethan Carter III in Orlando among those that’s out here doing press. And, as Bobby Lashley told ESPN, he’s also not sweating whatever it is that’s going on behind closed doors to ensure the pay-per-view (PPV) comes off, either:

Yes, because one thing people don't understand is that [current owner] Dixie [Carter] is not broke. She was never close to being broke. Her parents are billionaires so it's not like they don't have the money. They are just trying to make the right deal and that's what we have known all along. I think it's just one of those deals where this is business and it's going to happen every year. For at least the past five or six years that I have known, around that end of the year point there's always this, "Oh no, is TNA going to be sold? Is TNA going here? Is TNA going there?" And then next thing you know, bam, everything is fine and then we run again. And then the next year it's the same question. I don't know why it's the same deal every year and it gets to that point. I think right now they are just trying to make the right deals with the right people. I know a lot of people have their hands in the pot and a lot of people are trying to pitch different things. Whenever the deal is done, it's done.

Lashley talks a lot about how TNA is ideal for him, because it allows him to work a week every month and a half while devoting the rest of his time to mixed martial arts training (he fights professionally for Bellator). Which is probably why, even though he believes he’ll be in a scripted fight come Sunday night, he’s not getting too worked up either way:

I'm not one to read all of the dirt sheets so I have no idea. I went to check online to make sure my plane ticket was still good, and it was, so that's all I know at this point. As far as I know, I'm supposed to be doing a match Sunday and if anything changes up until then, it's no big deal. If anything changes, I'm still training for my fight [at Bellator 162]. I have training people lined up for me in Orlando for when I go.

We’ll keep you posted as to what the future holds for Bobby and the TNA organization. In the meantime, check out the whole interview for more of his thoughts on Impact’s direction under Billy Corgan, reflections on his time in WWE & if he thinks he’ll ever go back, and more.

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