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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (Sept. 29, 2016): Lethal Lockdown!

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TNA Impact is back tonight (Sept. 29, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, we'll see a Lethal Lockdown match between a team led by EC3 and a team led by Bobby Lashley where the winner gets to choose the stipulation for their match at Bound for Glory. Also, DJ Z will defend his X Division title against Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett and Moose will have a sit down discussion regarding their history together, and Madison Rayne will face newcomer Laurel Van Ness.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



EC3/Bobby Lashley segment

Jeremy Borash brings out EC3 and Bobby Lashley, the captains in the Lethal Lockdown main event for tonight.

Both men come down and JB asks them to reveal their teams. Lashley's team is Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, & Maria (!). EC's team is Aron Rex, Moose, and Gail Kim.

Lashley tells Carter that he'll have no chance after the champ picks the stip tonight. EC3 says that he knows that Lashley is dominant, but EC3 is the guy who you call when the most dominant TNA champ of all time needs his ass kicked. Lashley says that he is different from all of the other guys that EC3 has faced because Lashley is the first man who can really hurt him and end his career.

Carter says that at BFG he's coming with everything he has because he needs to win. He then says he has a challenge for Lashley - tonight, be the first man to enter the cage against Carter. Lashley tells him to be careful what you wish for because he's in.


Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z (c) for the X Division championship

The math is very even in the early goings with neither man establishing an advantage. DJ Z hits a arm drag and then a dive over the ropes to Eddie to get some control. He goes for his rolling DDT but Edwards blocks it off. The challenger then hits an enziguri that knocks the champ to the outside and then follows up with a suicide dive.Both men are down on the outside.

Back in the ring, it's now Edwards with the advantage, getting a nearfall of a chin checker. Z fights back and goes for that DDT again. Eddie catches him but DJ Z delivers a huricanrana for a nearfall of his owner. Eddie then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb but only gets a 2 count.

Eddie pulls down the knee pad to set up for the Boston Knee Party but DJ Z is able to counter with his ZDT (rolling float over DDT) for the 1-2-3.

DJ Z def. Edwards

After the match, the men shake hands and embrace. Then Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett runb into the ring and take it to the two competitors. Edwards and Z have no chance against the double team.


Backstage, Maria is back to yelling at Allie. The First Lady tells Allie heading into BFG everything must be perfect unlikelast week. She forces Allie to apologize multiple times. Laurel Van Ness rolls in and Maria tells Allie how much better LVN is compared to her. She then instructs Allie to introduce LVN in the match tonight and don't mess it up.

Moose/Mike Bennett sit-down interview

They play an "Earlier today" video where Mike Bennett and Moose are sitting down with Josh Mathews. Josh asks about Mike about their history together. Miracle says he brought Moose in to do one job and Moose couldn't even do that. Moose talks about how he's played at all levels of football and there's one constant: egotistical bastards like Mike Bennett. And those guys get taken care of.

Miracle tells Moose that this isn't the NFL. This is pro-wrestling. And after he beats Moose at BFG, no one is doing that dumb Moose chant ever again. He tells the big man that he's going to win at BFG - that he is the hardest man to pin. Moose says at Bound for Glory, he is going to win and the crowd will be chanting "Moose" at the end.


Madison Rayne vs. Laurel Van Ness

Allie comes out before LVN to introduce her.

Prior to the match, LVN puts out her hand as if she wants Madison to kiss it. Rayne takes the punches to her instead, follows up with a drop kick, and Van Ness needs to take a breather on the outside. While out there, she has Allie powder her face.

Laurel uses a finger poke to take advantage on Madison. She tries the lazy foot on opponent pin but that doesn't work of course. Madison then follows with a series of roll ups which are not successful. LVN uses another rake to the eyes and follows up with a Curb Stop to pick up the 1-2-3.

Van Ness def. Rayne

After the match, Allie accounts the winner but doesn't accent Van Ness properly and LVN makes her do it again.


Backstage, Lashley is talking to his team. He tells them if they win, he will make sure that one of those guys will get the first shot at his TNA title. And that guy will be the one who earns it by taking out Ethan Carter.

Drew Galloway/Aron Rex segment

In the ring, Drew Galloway is in the ring next to the Grand Championship, which is on a pedestal. He asks his opponent for Sunday, Aron Rex, come down to the ring, which he does. Drew tells Aron that they are going to be part of history on Sunday.

Galloway talks about how when he came to TNA, there were cracks in the foundation and a poor impression of TNA. But that changed solely because of Drew Galloway. And because of that (Drew holds the mic Sandow style) "You're welcome." Aron Rex tells him to get his own tag line and if Drew really thinks that he's "Gallowayed Up." Drew gets a bit angry that he's proven himself. He's worked all over, even the places small guys work, because he's that damned good. So if he's going to talk to him like that, at least call him sir.

Rex says it won't go to the judges on Sunday because he's going to beat him in the middle of the ring. Drew picks up the title talking about how he's going to be the one who wins. Rex then grabs the title again and the men start to brawl. While security run into the ring, Drew is able to his Rex with a piledriver and then holds up the title.


Backstage, the Decay talk about how dominant they are and the Hardys learn that there are consequences for any one who tries to take something from them. After BFG, none of their soldiers will be able to put the Hardys back together and Maxel won't even be able to recognize his mother.

They play a pretty cool hype package recapping Decay vs. the Hardys.

Reby Hardy vs. Rosemary

This isn't new, but Reby's dyed her hair grey and it's great.

Reby comes out on fire against Rosemary. Rosemary fires back with a clothesline and then takes elbows to Reby on the mat. She then licks the face of Reby, tosses her aside, and stares down Matt. However she misses a splash int the corner and Reby takes control again. Now she's the one delivering forearms to Rosemary.

After being distracted briefly staring at Brother Nero and Broken Matt, Reby hits a Twist of Fate. The Decay jump up and distract the referee. When she turns around, Rosemary fires the mist into Rebys face which results in DQ.

Reby def. Rosemary via DQ

The 6 brawl all over the ring post match. When Rosemary and Reby are alone in the ring, Rosemary delivers a side effect through a table to Reby!


Backstage, we learn that Lashley's team will have the man advantage, because he's the heel and they ALWAYS have the advantage.

Backstage, the Decay/Hardy brawl is going on, this with Steve taking it to Brother Nero. Both men try to gouge the other's eyes. Elsewhere, Matt and Abyss are fighting. Matt goes low and uses a ladder on the bigger man, while shouting Delete! He then takes a bite out of Abyss. Meanwhile, Steve stalks Jeff and beats up Jeff pretty badly.

While Matt is talking about the music he hears in his yead, Abyss rips a wire out of the wall and electrocutes him! They show a split screen with all three members of Decay standing tall.


They replay the Cody Rhodes BFG video.

There is a previously taped sit down interview with Maria and Gail Kim conducted by McKenzie Mitchell. Gail Kim calls Maria a bully, a manipulator, and just evil. Gail talks about how special it will be to finally get her hands on Maria. The First Lady says that TNA isn't a wrestling company but an entertainment company and Maria is in the star making business. Gail says it's not about the title or the HOF but about getting her hands on Maria finally.

Tyrus is backstage being interviewed, but Eli Drake rolls in and says that he has a business proposition for Tyrus the Fixer. He looks to hire Tyrus for what EC3 and Matt hired him for. Tyrus said the only thing he's taking care of is Eli Drake and that's on the house.

Backstage, EC3 thanks his team for joining him tonight and gives a quick prep talk.


Lethal Lockdown: Team EC3 vs. Team Lashley

EC3 is out first and Lashley comes out, but then renegs on what he said and sends out The Miracle instead. Carter has most of the control when it's just the two of them. However EC3 misses the EC3 Splash in the corner and Bennett hits  a big boot. Bennett works over Carter for awhile. EC3 eventually fights back, hits the splash in the corner, and hits the TK3 as the initial 5 minutes end.

Drew Gallway enters next and starts working over EC3 immediately. They go to break during the 2 on 1.

TNA returns just as Aron Rex is getting introduced as the next member of Carter's team. He is a house of fire against both Bennett and Galloway. EC3 and Rex have the advantage during this part of the match.

Lashley is the next entrant. Team Lashley dominate during the 3-2 advantage.

Moose comes out and takes it to team bad guy, even with a cross body on Bennett and Galloway from the top rope, which he ran up to. Then he takes it to the TNA champion.  Team good guy seems to have the control.

Maria slowly makes her way to the ring. She says she's not ready to enter the ring so waits on the outside. Therefore, it is pretty even in the ring between the two teams.

Gail Kim's time to come out has come and she runs down, chases Maria around the ring, and puts her in the ring. Maria hides behind her husband but then he is knocked over by EC3. Maria then runs to the back and Gail chases after her.

Bobby's team has control, using the weapons on the team of Carter. Lashley has a huddle with his team and then surround EC3 with weapons. Carter flips them the bird and they unload on him. But as Drew is about to focus on Rex, he turns it around and tosses Galloway into a trash can into a corner.

Moose and Rex then take it to Lashley in the middle of the ring with a chair and kendo stick. Carter gets up to join them, but Bennett hits a cutter on Carter. Moose fights off Bennett but then he receives a Future Shock from Galloway. Rex receives a spear from Lashley, who is the only man standing.

The champ tries to pin Rex, but Carter breaks it up. Now it's finally EC3 and Lashley going at it in the middle of the ring. Carter starts tossing Lashley against the side of the ring over and over again. EC3 then picks up a kendo stick and tees off on the champ, who is stuck between the cage and the ropes. He then hits a TK3 on Lashley but Lashley then bounces off the ropes and hits a spear! He then locks in his submission! Carter gets the ropes but that means nothing in the match... and Carter is choked out! Team Lashley wins!

Team Lashley wins

After the match, Lashley makes it a no holds barred match for Bound for Glory.


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching. Hopefully we'll be back next week with more Impact.

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