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‘He is coming’ to TNA tomorrow night, and he’s probably Cody Rhodes

His wife just landed there officially earlier this week, and unless TNA is doing a whole lot of misdirection with the teaser they posted to Twitter a little while ago, Cody Rhodes will be following Brandi to Impact Wrestling sooner rather than later...

Provided it is the former WWE Intercontinental champ, Cody himself told Dave Meltzer and others he was headed to TNA on a non-exclusive deal soon, so it’s not a huge surprise.

All the episodes leading up to Sunday, Oct. 2’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view (PPV) have already been filmed, but Impact does plenty of backstage and on location filming for the show, so that’s probably how we’ll meet Cody (or whoever “he” is) for the first time on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Bound for Glory’s card is currently a little light, so it’s probably safe to assume something with the Dusty’s boy will be added to that show. His appearance will also shed light on the questions surrounding what name he’ll be using. Brandi’s promotional material all lists her as Rhodes, but as several folks have pointed out, she worked in WWE as Eden Stiles, so “Brandi Rhodes” may be free of trademark issues.

Unlike the new Knockout’s tweets hyping her signing, this quick video hints at the mystery man’s identity by using “roads” instead of the more famous kayfabe surname, and could be a sign the formerly Dashing One will be using a new last name, or just going with Cody.

Should be interesting either way. And a darn sight better than when TNA would spend weeks hyping the debut of Tito Ortiz.

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