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TNA Impact Results, Live Blog (August 4, 2016): EC3 vs. Mike Bennett

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TNA Impact is back tonight (August 4, 2016) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at the new time of 8 EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans and viewers.

Tonight is the final round of the Bound for Glory playoffs, with a Slammiversary rematch of The Miracle Mike Bennett vs. EC3. Plus Eli Drake will defend his King of the Mountain championship against James Storm with a teetotaler stipulation and we'll learn more about Rosemary's past and what happened in the barn!

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact will be starting, so come join us!



They start with a video from last week where they try to interview Drew Galloway in the back about EC3. Drew is pissed. He goes off on the interview for even asking him that question.

EC3/Mike Bennett segment

In the ring, Jeremy Borash is in the ring with EC3 and the Miracle Mike Bennett & Maria. Mike Bennett talks about how Ethan's aunt is still out to get him. He thanks him for helping him beat Drew Galloway in the finals last week. Bennett says that it won't be a happy ending after this rematch. He reminds him he has a win over EC3, which is something he has over Carter that no one else does.

Carter tells Bennett it's taking all he has not hit The Miracle right now (he's more colorful than that.) He says that this is their rubber match. Bennett says he's going to win tonight and then win the title at Bound for Glory, which will be within a year of being here, which would be half as long as it took Carter to do it. EC3 tells Bennett he can bring his wife and Moose and whoever the hell else he wants. He's going to win tonight.

Moose's music hits. Bennett attacks EC3 when EC3 turns to look at Moose and this soon becomes a 2 on 1. Moose delivers a sky high to the One Percenter.


Backstage Eli Drake cuts a promo about how he's going to retain the KOTM title tonight.

They play a video recap of the Rosemary Origins from last week

James Storm vs. Eli Drake (c) for the KOTM championship

Match started off a bit slow, with Drake working over Storm. Storm eventually came back and then these guys went back and forth. At one point, Drake hit a sweet move, where he quickly jumped up the rope to meet the Cowboy who was up top. He hit a superplex, held on after to deliver a sweet powerslam.

When he couldn't put him away, Drake grabbed his KOTM title to use it. Storm kicked it away and hit the Eye of the Storm, but Drake kicks out. Drake then drinks some of the beer from the bottle out on the ring steps and goes to spit it in the face but nails the ref instead. While the ref is blinded, Storm rolls up Drake but the ref can't see to count it.

The becomes a strong back and forth match, that ended when Drake came off from the ropes and was met with a super kick from Storm who gets the pin.

James Storm def. Eli Drake for the KOTM title

As Storm is celebrating, Lashley's music hits and he comes out. Lashley congratulates Storm. He mocks teams getting wrestling titles after winning in their sports saying he doesn't run around with the NBA trophy when he wins something. Storm reminds Lashley he won the TNA title from Kurt Angle in under a minute. He says he can probably beat Lashley in 30. Both men make it known that they have something the other man wants. Lashley offers Storm the title vs. title match or Storm can just hand Bobby the belt. Storm accepts.


Backstage, Allie has an idea for Maria for whom Gail (who is there as well) should face. Maira shuts her down and when she gets annoyed enough at Allie, she makes Allie Gail's next opponent.

Bram and Rosemary are in the barn. Bram wants to head back. Rosemary asks him to bear with her because she wants to tell him.

Gail Kim vs. Allie & Sienna

Prior to the match, Maria adds Sienna to the match.

Early on, the bad gals have control. Sienna is working over Gail and forces Allie to get in there and beat Gail herself. Sienna soon needs to be tagged back in as Gail gets quick control of Allie.

Gail gets worked over most of the match (Sienna does most of the damage with quick tag ins by Allie.) Gail is able to knock Sienna off the apron and take it to Allie. Sienna gets in and hits her finish but Allie is legal so she has to cover. That gave Gail enough time to kick out. Sienna goes for her running shoulder block but hits Allie instead. Gail gets Sienna out of the ring and pins Allie for the win.

Gail def. Allie & Sienna


Backstage, Matt Hardy is yelling at Brother Nero (who is not on camera). He talks about how Jeff broke his leg when they had the tag titles and forced Matt to relinquish them. Tonight he will tell a story in the ring.

Reby introduces Broken Matt Hardy. Hardy comes down to the ring and has Vanguard One summon Brother Nero, who comes out to the usual awesome Obsolete entrance. Matt talks about how everyone loved Jeff more because he's a simple spot monkey. The Broken One talks about how Jeff betrayed him when he forced them to give up the tag titles and when he cost him the world title. Starting tonight, Jeff will embark on a journey to regain the World Tag Team titles that they never lost. Brother Nero is also banned from doing any moves off the top rope.

Brother Nero vs. James Dunn and Chuck Taylor

The fans chant Hardy and Matt berates them for not calling him Brother Nero. Because of that, they start to chant "Jeff Hardy" to Matt's dismay.

In the ring, the two guys work over Brother Nero for most of the match given the fact it's two on one.

Meanwhile outside, Matt Hardy pulls a fan over the guardrail and bites him until his blood is all around his mouth.

Jeff hits a Twist of Fate and goes up on the top rope. Matt gets in front of him to stop him but Jeff hits the Swanton anyway. Matt then hits Jeff with a Twist of Hate and drags him to the rope, tags him in, and wins the match.

Brother Nero and Broken Matt Hardy def. Dunn and Taylor


Backstage, Al Snow gives the Tribunal a pep talk.

Grado and Mahabali Shera vs. Tribunal and Al Snow

The Tribunal works over Grado much of the match. When Mahabali gets in, he cleans house, taking out all three men. He hits a sky high powerbomb on Al Snow for the win.

Grado & Shera def the Tribunal


Back in the barn. In the flashback, Johnny put his hand on her leg and she stepped back and said she's not like other girls. So she decided to make a potion to punish him. Bram is looking to leave. He tells her they've all had their hearts broken on Valentine's Day and she should get over it. Rosemary starts to flip out. She picks up an axe and he backs up. But Crazzy Steve grabs him through the window and AByss is there too. They drag his body out and put it in the trunk and drove off.


Backstage, EC3 tells Bennett to bring the Moose, caribou, and the whole damn forest. He's going on to become champion either way.

The Miracle Mike Bennett vs. EC3 in the BFG playoff finals

In the first segment of this match, Carter plays up a rib injury from the 2 on 1 attack earlier. He gets some offense in, but Bennett gets his knees up when EC3 goes for a standing splash.

Bennett continues to work the midsection of Carter. The match becomes a fun back and forth affair. Bennett hits a cutter from the second rope onto EC3 but Ethan kicks out. Maria then slides a kendo stick in the ring and the ref kicks her out. However, the kendo stick is still in the ring. Bennett goes to hit EC3 with the stick but Carter ducks and hits the One Percenter. But the refs are still distracted and by they time they get in, Bennett kicks out.

Moose comes out but Eddie Edwards runs out and hits a suicide dive and he and Moose fight out through the crowd. The ref was distracted with that so Bennett hit him with the kendo stick and then MIP. But the ref didn't get back into the ring in time and EC3 kicked out.

The two men have a really good round of reversals that ends with EC3 hitting the One Percenter for the 1-2-3.

EC3 def. Mike Bennett to advance in the BFG finals


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching!